conditioned stimulus

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the stimulus that is the occasion for a conditioned response

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Pairing a conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus is referred to as first-order respondent conditioning.
If these results hold, conditioning children to acquire conditioned stimulus control for observing books may pay real dividends in their subsequent acquisition of reading skills.
Expanding upon the idea above, the conditioned stimulus was the reception of a putative telepathic message from the sender.
Anne Taddio and her colleagues postulated that the skin cleaning had become a sort of conditioned stimulus, and concluded, "These data provide further evidence that infant pain is modulated by experience with pain, as in children and adults.
The capsule they receive is pharmacologically inert, but hardly inert with respect to its symbolic value and its power as a conditioned stimulus.
At that point, the neutral stimulus has become a conditioned stimulus that elicits a conditioned, or learned, response.
Although it is clear that a conditioned stimulus that reliably predicts reinforcement should be preferred over a stimulus that predicts reinforcement only 50 % of the time (Stagner and Zentall 2010), it appears that the stimulus that was never associated with reinforcement and that occurred on 80 % of the trials when that alternative was chosen did not show compensating conditioned inhibition that should have countered the effect of the conditioned reinforcer.
A transformation of respondently conditioned stimulus function in accordance with arbitrarily applicable relations.
These neurons responded to both a conditioned stimulus, in this case a novel saccharine solution, and an unconditioned stimulus, in the form of lithium chloride that made rats sick.
For example, exposure to glutaraldehyde, a known irritant, is accompanied by an odor that could act as the conditioned stimulus.