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The suggestion that reading time is important is supported by reports from participants following the experiment; the failure to acquire strong conditioned responses in the 1,000-ms group may have been due to insufficient time for the participants to respond to the statements.
Abbreviations: ANS = autonomic nervous system, CBT = cognitive behavioral therapy, CIMT = constraint-induced movement therapy, CR = conditioned response, PNS = parasympathetic nervous system, PTSD = posttraumatic stress disorder, REM = rapid eye movement, SNS = sympathetic nervous system, TBI = traumatic brain injury.
First, something different may involve reproducing an 'old' conditioned response in an unfamiliar setting.
This may serve to extinguish these responses, thereby effectively training a new conditioned response to NA (Breslin, Zack & McMain 2002; Linehan 1993).
Clients are told that most urges are classically conditioned responses that are triggered by environmental cues and emotional reactivity.
Strictly applied behaviourist training techniques do not allow for the relevance of thoughts, feelings or motives in the learning process, treating learning as merely a series of conditioned responses.
Therefore, bodily sensations become conditioned responses triggered by high levels of private stimulation generated by anxiety and fear.
The company delivers a suite of simulation tools which place First Responders in real-world crisis situations so they can develop and fine tune conditioned responses to large-scale emergency events.
This way it was expected to detect all conditioned responses without leaving out any unconditioned stimuli.
The Italian and US scientists, led by Roberto Ciccocioppo, from the University of Camerino, wrote in the journal Nature Neuroscience: 'Our results suggest that conditioned responses to drug-related stimuli not only facilitate relapse, but could also contribute to the transition from initial drug use to addiction.
The authors would note at this point that much of the pliance behavior that is evoked by a non-vocative mand would depend on the assumption that over time the listener has developed a repertoire of conditioned responses to these mands.
This is helpful when they run into idioms and culturally conditioned responses to certain kinds of communication.
How many of us have the same kind of automatic, conditioned responses to people, situations and things?
Watson used Freud's theories as his starting point, convinced of their truth, but sought to ground these in the language of conditioned responses.
One problem associated with conventional conditioning models is explaining how conditioned responses are translated into craving experiences.