conditioned response

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Proof of such conditioned responses, he says, is that "you can get something that looks like a placebo effect in a rat.
In rats, ejaculation does not appear to support a conditioned response (Zamble, Hadad, & Mitchell, 1985; Zamble, Hadad, Mitchell, & Cutmore, 1985).
Of further concern is the suggestion that it is unlikely that a classically conditioned response could come under the control of an abstract verbal stimulus, such as "truth value," on theoretical grounds.
Rather, I am saying that the producers of the film were aware of the theory of "classic conditioned response.
Elicitation of the conditioned responses (CRs) in the nonsleep state is specific to the sleep stage present during training.
First, something different may involve reproducing an 'old' conditioned response in an unfamiliar setting.
Instead of simplistic rules to help readers get better at choosing, Iyengar gently points out the pathologies of bias and conditioned response.
These bibles, trained every school morning since the bequest of thirty years ago, had developed a conditioned response.
The craft of hypnosis interrupts the conditioned response to stress and other stimuli.
At my Stop-Smoking Programme we keep exposing the person to the stimulus, but train them not to get the conditioned response.
Moreover, since the mechanisms of conditioning were naturally selected for producing stimulus-response correlations, there's a sense in which the representation of a given stimulus has the derivative function of eliciting its conditioned response.
Later, simply the ringing of a bell (even with no food accompanying the pealing) elicited the same conditioned response.
This may serve to extinguish these responses, thereby effectively training a new conditioned response to NA (Breslin, Zack & McMain 2002; Linehan 1993).
If you are getting sick before you have the treatment it is likely you have developed something called a conditioned response.