conditioned response

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Experiment 1 appeared to show that a conditioned response could be reliably associated with the abstract "truth value" of a statement.
Again, Woods stresses, hunters have to get outside a deer's conditioned response to threats.
In this case, an individual attempts to change their conditioned response via conscious direction, substituting one behavior for another.
This may serve to extinguish these responses, thereby effectively training a new conditioned response to NA (Breslin, Zack & McMain 2002; Linehan 1993).
If you are getting sick before you have the treatment it is likely you have developed something called a conditioned response.
Avoidance serves to transiently reduce anxiety, but disallows extinction of the conditioned response.
Toxoplasma gondii, a protozoan parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, brainwashes rats and mice, a study found; the parasite interferes with its host's amygdala and reverses the conditioned response that causes rodents to shun the smell of cat urine, thereby making it more likely that the protozoan will be able to infect a cat and complete its life cycle.
Instead of allowing a conditioned response to play out, notice your train of thoughts.
The dour countenances of many Chinese officials may well be the residual conditioned response to a past system of fear-driven governance where a single mistake could cost an official his job, if not his freedom.
While I'm not sure if I will ever be able to completely control this conditioned response, I'm certain I will process these prejudices differently.
1 team, he has a conditioned response, the one about how it will all be decided in April anyway.
Yet the author seems to stand back from the question of how far the impact of the Gospels and the Book of Acts on many believers, and even some unbelievers, comes from the power and authority of authorship ('inspired' in some sense at least) and how from a conditioned response.
Repetition is key as it creates a conditioned response allowing the subconscious mind to deliver a greater sense of wellbeing and an actual state of improved health.
The principle of extinction suggests that as the conditioned stimulus is presented repeatedly without the presentation of the unconditioned stimulus, the conditioned response will decrease.