conditioned avoidance response

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The nootropic activity of Carum carvi was evaluated by using the conditioned avoidance response (CAR) in rats as described by Cook & Weidley (1957).
The process of nootropic activity involves acquisition, retention and retrieval and is measured using conditioned avoidance response.
Muscarinic receptor agonists, like dopamine receptor antagonist antipsychotics, inhibit conditioned avoidance response in rats.
For instance, four decades ago Costello (1970) argued that the types of conditioned avoidance responses that have been regarded by behavior therapists as providing adequate experimental analogs of phobic behavior are dissimilar to such behaviors because (a) avoidance responses can be viewed as adequate coping behaviors, and (b) they do not involve conflict with approach behaviors, and such a conflict appears to be characteristic of clinical phobias.
Dissimilarities between conditioned avoidance responses and phobias.