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the state of being conditional

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Therefore there's nothing to do with the implementation of a conditionality [that is] human rights based, just to be clear,' he said.
The Minister of Agriculture of the Novosibirsk region Vasily Pronkin said that the seeds for conditionality are checked by the branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rosselkhozentr" in the Novosibirsk region.
Additionally, if one would like to track the development trajectories of this research agenda, it is apparent that together with the 'big' enlargement (2004), conditionality as a concept became an important part of the scope of Europeanization (4).
The appellants' submission to the court was that the law that was passed was indeed done to satisfy the conditionality detailed by the Commission and the ECB for the grant of financial assistance to Cyprus, and its true authors were the the Commission and the ECB.
While conditionality continues to play a prominent role, it has become more differentiated, both with regard to the rewards offered and the benchmark set to obtain them.
He said: "I support the principle of conditionality as a way of encouraging active participation.
Accordingly, domestic change in Turkey, the conditionality of the EU in this process and the diffuse of European values and norms through the transformation are discussed.
Closing down of the four units was part of the EU's conditionality during Bulgaria's accession talks, as Brussels argued their reactors did not meet modern standards.
Developed in collaboration with qualitative investors and computer science PhDs at a private asset manager, Conditionality enables qualitative investors to break the barrier between their forward-looking investment arguments and the scenario analysis to maximize upside opportunity while controlling downside risk in their portfolios.
Moreover, any conditionality that follows ESM assistance would most likely be focused on the banking sector rather than intrusive budgetary conditionality on the sovereign.
With the EU integration of the Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) in the 1990s the theoretical frameworks of the EU conditionality were based on the social action of this region.
Macroeconomic conditionality, which ties Structural Fund aid to good economic governance, will apply to all funds and may result in a suspension of commitments and payments.
The FOMC has been actively discussing altering its communications policy by replacing calendar guidance for changes in the Fed Funds target rate with conditionality based on economic developments.
An aid request would entail negotiating a memorandum of understanding with other euro zone countries and would likely bear strong conditionality, something Rajoy wants to discuss in detail before moving forward.
While Dr Usul's book offers a useful summary of the literature on the role of external actors on democratisation in general, and the emerging policies of the EU in creating democratic conditionality for candidate states, his coverage of the Turkish experience adds little to the existing body of literature, and is out of date.
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