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Specifically, a conditional sale lease can take advantage of federal tax code Section 179 for expensing up to $250,000 of the equipment's cost, if the equipment is installed in 2008.
If a conditional sale/instalment sale is considered a "sale," GST/HST should be due either at the time the sale occurs or at the time the conditional sale agreement is entered into.
The company has also inked conditional sales and purchase agreement with Mr Low Soon Sim to acquire the entire issued and paid-up share capital of Richwood Asia I Investments Limited and One Room Mansion Limited (ORM) for $31 million.
Offered in partnership with GE Capital Vendor Financial Services, a global provider of financing solutions to manufacturers, dealers and end-users, Toro Financing provides flexible financial solutions, leases and conditional sales contracts.
For example, pursuant to a conditional sales contract the recipient may receive actual or constructive delivery of the TPP outside of Canada, even though the transfer of title only occurs at a much later date in Canada, after another condition under the contract is fulfilled.
CoreISSUE is designed to handle the complex needs of modern credit card issuers and handles all types of finance programs from simple "net 10" terms, conditional sales contracts, nominal option leases and all revolving credit programs.
Upon satisfaction of the due diligence investigations and securing state regulatory approval, NMI will conclude its due diligence investigations and ink a Conditional Sales and Purchase Agreement.
Through its international network of 34 offices, Newcourt Credit Group specializes in financing a broad range of equipment and capital assets through secured loans, conditional sales contracts and leases.
Type of financing offered by the leasing companies include tax-oriented finance leasing, short-term operating leases, leveraged leases, conditional sales agreements, off-balance sheet loans and tax-exempt leasing.
The acquisition was completed after XL secured the unanimous consent required for the conditional sales purchase agreement from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology; approval from XL shareholders.
The Company believes that its method of distribution, which does not require or permit any conditional sales, is in compliance in all material respects with the amended Sales Law and the new enforcement guideline.
In September 2002, GP Batteries announced that it had entered into two conditional sales and purchase agreements to acquire a 75% stake in Ningbo Battery Co Ltd for a total cash consideration of RMB230 million (approximately S$48.
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