conditional sale

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a security interest taken by the seller in return for credit

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a sale in which the buyer receives title to the property only upon the performance of some condition (usually the full payment of the purchase price)

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The above reserve data does not reflect the conditional sale of 50% of the Kazakh operations announced on Nov 1, 2013.
9% APR finance comes with zero deposit (with Conditional Sale over 5 years).
Sydney, Australia, Nov 24, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Murchison Metals Ltd (ASX:MMX) has entered into a conditional sale agreement with Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd in relation to all of the Company's interests in Crosslands Resources Ltd, the owner of the Jack Hills Expansion Project, and the Oakajee Port and Rail ("OPR") project (the "Transaction").
The company is offering a zero percent APR finance on Mazda Conditional Sale up to 36 months, 3.
Luxfer Group kept the land and buildings on the Redditch site, although the firmset up a conditional sale agreement with ALUnna, subject to environmental work to be carried out over several years.
Specifically, a conditional sale lease can take advantage of federal tax code Section 179 for expensing up to $250,000 of the equipment's cost, if the equipment is installed in 2008.
Summary: Stratic Energy has entered into a conditional sale agreement in respect of its Kerkouane permit offshore Tunisia (held 100% by Stratic).
On September 25, Gresham announced the conditional sale of the industrial sites, totalling 18 acres, in Speke Boulevard, to Mr Murphy's company, Futuristic Developments.
So, after a few rapid rat-tat-tat taps on a calculator punching in the particulars of Anaheim's conditional sale of 50 acres to the NFL for less than $50 million, it didn't take Hopkins long to reach a conclusion.
If a conditional sale/instalment sale is considered a "sale," GST/HST should be due either at the time the sale occurs or at the time the conditional sale agreement is entered into.
It was Jambos' first home match since they announced the conditional sale of Tynecastle for pounds 22million.
The board of directors had hoped to reach a conclusion on the conditional sale of the stadium to a housing developer during their key meeting on Wednesday.
In a true lease, the benefits and burdens of ownership reside with the lessor; in a conditional sale, they transfer to the "lessee" An alleged lease will be a conditional sale if, among other things: (5)
THE end of an era was confirmed yesterday when the British Bloodstock Agency announced the conditional sale of its UK and Irish businesses, writes Tony Smurthwaite.
At the same time, the agreement is designed to provide such a high degree of ownership control by the tenant that the IRS views the transaction as a conditional sale and requires that it be treated as a capitalized lease.
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