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In the conditions of the proletariat, those of old society at large are already virtually swamped.
All the preceding classes that got the upper hand, sought to fortify their already acquired status by subjecting society at large to their conditions of appropriation.
But in order to oppress a class, certain conditions must be assured to it under which it can, at least, continue its slavish existence.
But what can one do when the slightest error in reproducing an experiment's initial conditions can lead to a vastly different outcome?
Continuing treatment by, or under the supervision of, a health care provider for a chronic or long-term care health condition that is incurable or so serious that, if not treated, would likely result in a period of incapacity of more than three calendar days.
When a physician prescribes a placebo, it is anticipated that it will bring short-term relief to some condition for which there is no other established treatment.
Although certain conditions can become less problematic with age (an example of one such condition is autism), most are aggravated by age.
The threshold for a reportable condition is lower than that for material weaknesses, although a material weakness is one type of reportable condition.
Assessment: Each condition in the book includes the name of the condition, alternate names, description, causes, clinical presentation, symptoms, diagnosis, and management.
an attachment section for permanent attachment to a surface of an anchoring area on a first portion of the article, when the fastener is in the installed condition and conditions thereafter,
2006) and, because the underlying relationship between the condition of interest and burden (be it morbidity, mortality, or economic) is likely to be nonlinear, sophisticated modeling strategies are required.
But BFI Project Director David Edwards noted that the permit contains 83 conditions.
In other words, the court found a current obligation to repay subject to a condition subsequent.
The first condition requires, most importantly, that the practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship complained of is caused by unique physical circumstances.
While the FMLA defines the term serious health condition as an illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition that involves A) inpatient care in a hospital, hospice, or residential medical care facility, or B) continuing treatment by a health care provider, (28) relevant federal regulations provide much greater detail in explaining whether certain conditions satisfy the statute's definition.