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Oh how she cluck-clucked when she was doling out condign punishment to me.
One cannot say that he does this solely out of a sense of "fear" or "justice"; since he does not actually know what sins his sons have committed, he cannot repay God in condign terms.
Committed Christians like my wife might see that as condign punishment for my greed.
Once, honor might have thought it hardly a proper or condign punishment for his misbehavior, and that of his mistress, that they and their most intimate secrets should be made a common by-word and subject for discussion in the media among a pack of strangers--the whole nation indeed, and a significant part of the world beyond it.
Anyone who embarks on such an enterprise in whatever capacity must expect condign punishment.
Again, there has been movement from the contingent (a murder, sprung from human desire) to the archetype (the condign retribution demanded by the 'hard law' of the Dreaming).
39) And the personal infliction of condign punishment, even upon vicious batterers who deserve it, is the law's business, not the business of private individuals when there is no imminent objective danger.
The fact of their arrest, and the time they spent in prison before the arrival of the justices, simultaneously satisfied the concerns of communal opinion and represented condign punishment for antisociai behaviour.
Third, political dishonesty has swift, radiating and condign consequences.
Judge David Smyth told the self-confessed paedophile: "The public interest properly demands a condign [just] sentence for your singular breach of trust and campaign of evil abuse of the sisters, made worse by the fact you filmed and distributed films of that abuse.
The condign symbol of our deepest loyalties, we are left to infer, is the Cross, not the Stars and Stripes.
This would have been seen as an act of condign disciplinary action, were it not for the fact that the general has been visibly reluctant to act on the issue which involves his Military Secretary Lt Gen Avdesh Prakash, one- time Deputy Chief of Army Staff designate, Lt Gen P.
However, the more local the case, no matter how transparent the motive, the less likely the public will demand condign punishment, even if we end up giving license to the murder of defenseless children.
Apparently Sir Tufton and Sir Bufton of the British establishment think my kind shouldn't speak back to their betters, and will face condign punishment if we do.