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fitting or appropriate and deserved

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The Supreme Court has noted that for sentences to be condign to the
And Congress made clear why severe measures were necessary: "it has been found, by the experience of all states, that, in times of invasion, the process of the municipal law is too feeble and dilatory to bring to a condign and exemplary punishment persons guilty" of traitorous practices.
The proposed treaty approved by the Continental Congress in 1776 would additionally have obligated both parties to "endeavour by all Means, that all Pirates, and Sea Robbers, and their Partners, Sharers, and Abettors be found out, apprehended, and suffer condign Punishment.
18 "the passions of this time are not condign to the glory to come"), "adulterate" six times, "calumniate" twice, "unction" twice, "eunuch" fifteen times, and "prescience" four times (see Acts 2.
If on ethical side your establishment that has all- India reputation feels the fact stated in this as accurate then in that eventuality, you may be well advised to publish an apology in national press for at least three regular occasions, otherwise if you would not dispute it would be ' condign assessment' if my client restricts his claim to ` 50 lakh as normally reputation is invaluable," the legal notice adds.
He sought to classify three types of power: condign power, compensatory power and conditioned power [14].
529) He ordered that every step authorized by law be taken "to bring all such heinous Offenders to the most exemplary and condign [sic] Punishment.
If, however, she did know, and still allowed Obama to present this as a mellow moment of national satisfaction, she is condign punishment for his choice of such hirelings.
He added: "ose who put into eect vile fantasies about children will receive condign punishment.
Will you therefore give me credit for sincerity when I beg you to accept all or any of the enclosed for Macmillan's Magazine in case you think them of any use, and to pass upon them a condign sentence of rejection in the (highly probable) opposite case.
1738) (1625) ("Thus we read, that the Eleans made War on the Lacedemonians, because they would take no Notice of those who had injured them, that is, would neither inflict condign Punishment nor deliver them up.
That is simply unforgivable and itself worthy of condign punishment.
He said that the molested girl is the daughter of all of us and those committed this brutal act will be brought to condign justice.
The original intention was, not to carry the same narrative on, but many readers objected to the want of a regular denouement in the previous work, where, according to established etiquette, virtue ought to be rewarded, and vice brought to condign punishment.
Next, at 2:59, Gabriel is said to have originally come down with, "Those who substituted a word that had been told them for another did wrong against the family of Muhammad and we sent down upon them the family of Muhammad as their condign punishment.