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Synonyms for condescension

patronizing attitude

Synonyms for condescension

superciliously indulgent treatment, especially of those considered inferior

Synonyms for condescension

the trait of displaying arrogance by patronizing those considered inferior

a communication that indicates lack of respect by patronizing the recipient

affability to your inferiors and temporary disregard for differences of position or rank

References in classic literature ?
Yes, monsieur," said Raoul, almost alarmed by this kind condescension.
Is it thus you evince your gratitude to our master Pompeius, who, in his condescension, has thought fit to listen to your idolatrous importunities?
It would have been trifling with my reputation to allow of his departing with such an impression in my disfavour; in this light, condescension was necessary.
I rebuked her in terms of mingled bitterness and sorrow for her callousness and want of condescension.
Boythorn showed a manifest desire to abandon his right of way and do whatever Sir Leicester would, which Sir Leicester, conceiving to be a condescension to his illness or misfortune, took in such high dudgeon, and was so magnificently aggrieved by, that Mr.
Philip was somewhat overpowered by the young gentleman's condescension.
Natasha did not like the visitor's tone of condescension to childish things.
Weston had overtaken them as they were walking along the road; and how they had had a long walk and talk with him, and really found him quite an agreeable companion; and how he must have been, and evidently was, delighted with them and their amazing condescension, &c.
With condescension he accepted their condescension.
Her heart warmed as she reflected upon his condescension.
The reader's neck brought into danger by a description; his escape; and the great condescension of Miss Bridget Allworthy.
When power becometh gracious and descendeth into the visible--I call such condescension, beauty.
Sergey Ivanovitch used to say that he knew and liked the peasantry, and he often talked to the peasants, which he knew how to do without affectation or condescension, and from every such conversation he would deduce general conclusions in favor of the peasantry and in confirmation of his knowing them.
Will your condescension towards a stranger, excuse my asking one question," he said, "before I take my leave?
And Mr Vladimir developed his idea from on high, with scorn and condescension, displaying at the same time an amount of ignorance as to the real aims, thoughts, and methods of the revolutionary world which filled the silent Mr Verloc with inward consternation.