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She is exceedingly courteous, you perceive,' on this hint she bowed condescendingly, 'and will permit me to have the pleasure of introducing you: a gentleman from England, Ma'am: newly arrived from England, after a very tempestuous passage: Mr.
Then they would condescendingly give Joe to understand that it was all for his good, and he would be thankful for it one day; and in particular, Mr Cobb would acquaint him, that when he was his age, his father thought no more of giving him a parental kick, or a box on the ears, or a cuff on the head, or some little admonition of that sort, than he did of any other ordinary duty of life; and he would further remark, with looks of great significance, that but for this judicious bringing up, he might have never been the man he was at that present speaking; which was probable enough, as he was, beyond all question, the dullest dog of the party.
One afternoon, the Dodger and Master Bates being engaged out that evening, the first-named young gentleman took it into his head to evince some anxiety regarding the decoration of his person (to do him justice, this was by no means an habitual weakness with him); and, with this end and aim, he condescendingly commanded Oliver to assist him in his toilet, straightway.
The Veneerings being at that time the only other arrivals, he had added (in a condescendingly explanatory manner),
I am not promoting FB for Mark Zuckerberg but I just wish to clear some misconceptions and get the sneer off the faces of the cynics who look at us condescendingly and laugh at FB users.
Her mother condescendingly gives the same evaluation and explains that she herself wanted to study French philology but the war broke out and her plans were devastated.
In Indian football, when bosses go to the sports ministry for clearance to compete in the Asian Games, the babus look at them condescendingly.
The fault lies with the many greedy, selfish and ultimately short-sighted Premier League fat-cat clubs that condescendingly sweep crumbs from their sumptuous banqueting table to be shared sparingly among 72 Football League clubs and the 24 - including Wrexham - in the English game's fifth tier.
Who would have thought 25 years ago we'd be entertained by millionaires arrogantly dismissing or condescendingly acceding to those who publicly begged from them, eagerly consumed by a voyeuristic public.
Salman said that Sison, like US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, talks condescendingly to Arabs "of the way things are and ought to be" without them complaining or arguing about it.
Impelled to understand why he has been booted out of the winners' circle--he is mentioned only briefly and condescendingly in the textbooks and biographies flowing out endlessly about the Freudian remaking of the psychological world--Webster's heroine travels across the country and the ocean to visit sites and survivors of the movement.
The opera's discouraging ministers, rather condescendingly named Ping, Pang and Pong, are played with finesse by Wang Limin, Li Xiang and Li Bin.
Bush responded with friendly overtures that convinced Indian politicians and the majority of Indians that Bush was a rare Republican - most Republican presidents have looked condescendingly at India, a staunch ally of the Soviet Union in the Cold War - and interested in cultivating strong ties with India.
You've been getting a gift from this city for 50 years, and that's been a great gift to you," said Smith, condescendingly.
Condescendingly characterizing the recent passing of a de-Baathification law, and budget agreement, as welcome but insufficient progress, the Congress, I suggest, ought to instead embrace some strategic patience.