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Synonyms for condenser

an apparatus that converts vapor into liquid

a hollow coil that condenses by abstracting heat

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lens used to concentrate light on an object

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Local: The local examination was done under bright illumination with the help of uniocular corneal loupe (10x) and +13 dioptre condensing lens.
In 1948, at GE High Voltage Lab I built a detector for corona discharge using a 4" condensing lens and a photomultiplier.
As shown in the figure on this page, output from a low-power LED is sent through a condensing lens to the target; some light energy is reflected back to the receiver's lens to produce a spot on a position-detector diode.
The NanoXCT creates multiple views of a rock sample by focusing its X-ray source through a condensing lens on a particular region of interest.
A slit-lamp biomicroscopy technique requires a condensing lens of high power and large diameter to maximise the field of view