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the act of increasing the density of something

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Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy is planning to built a flue gas condensing and heat recovery plant for district heat production to it~s 200 MW (fuel) Naistenlahti power plant in Tampere, Finland.
New gas-fired, condensing RTUs can operate at a steady state efficiency exceeding 90%; if well designed they can maintain or increase this efficiency over a wide turn-down range (e.
If your facility does not rely on a network of individual unit heaters, and the boiler can meet building and process needs by supplying water from 120 to 140 degrees F, a condensing boiler can be an option.
Observations over the last quarter century show dust grains made of silicon and oxygen (SiO or amorphous silicate grains) condensing at 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit (more than 700 degrees Celsius) in the billowing clouds of gas (nebulae) surrounding old stars.
Result: The condensing water smoothes into a thin layer that allows light to pass through without scattering.
Condensing boilers operate at efficiencies of 96% making significant energy savings over conventional boilers; typically 20% or more.
Installing the vapor barrier on the outside of the wall in Alaska results in warm air condensing its water against the exterior sheathing, resulting in rotting of the exterior wall.
The dynamics of the condensate layer depends on the dryer bar spacing, height of the bars, condensing loads, syphon clearance, and dryer speed.
But the superwinds were strong enough to blow a substantial amount of gas out of galaxies, preventing it from condensing into stars for hundreds of millions of years (SN: 4/20/02, p.
Where he'd been concerned with building, accreting, condensing (an earlier portrait created an ur-Starbucks based on all the chain's outlets in Seattle), his newest works subvert and dismantle his earlier techniques.
For this reason Topaz Refrigeration chose the new low noise COS condensing units, distributed in the UK exclusively by AFR Refrigeration, tel:020 8875 1999 of Wandsworth.
Portable chillers with air- and water-cooled condensing from 1 to 20 tons.
By fitting a condensing boiler before February 1 you'll get a pounds 200 grant from the Government.
Refrigerated condensing will provide the necessary protection and, in very many cases, will make it possible to select a smaller size vacuum pump than would be necessary for alternative condensing means.
DETROIT -- Class counsel announced that homeowners in Michigan today filed a class action lawsuit against Carrier Corporation, the manufacturer of Carrier and Bryant condensing furnaces (also marketed under the brand names "Day & Night" and "Payne").