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the act of increasing the density of something

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Modern condensing boilers on the market today provide much higher efficiency outputs and depending on the age and make of your old oil boiler, installing a condensing oil boiler could save you up to 30% on your annual fuel bills.
All condensing units require the appropriate amount of airflow to perform and do their job properly.
Industrial refrigeration is the fastest-growing application segment of the global condensing unit market
13 tests and rates condensing boiler performance with an 80[degrees]F (27[degrees]C) boiler entering water temperature (EWT) and a 100[degrees]F (55[degrees]C) temperature rise (delta-T) to produce a boiler leaving water temperature (LWT) of 180[degrees]F (82[degrees]C).
In this report, we present a 28-year-old man with the regression of the condensing osteitis of the clavicle after the extraction of a decayed tooth.
New gas-fired, condensing RTUs can operate at a steady state efficiency exceeding 90%; if well designed they can maintain or increase this efficiency over a wide turn-down range (e.
They use high efficiency axial fans to recycle the air within the space through the heater every 30 minutes or so, with the low temperatures facilitating condensing for maximum efficiency.
The practice of condensing writings has deep historical roots and plenty of angles for historical and philosophical analysis, given that its activity reflects a culture's preservation efforts, has ties with available technology, and implies particular attitudes toward knowledge, education, and cultural transmission.
Hubbard Products Commercial Refrigeration Division today announces the launch of an all-new 41 model range of ultra-efficient, F-Gas friendly packaged condensing units.
The government made the use of so-called condensing boilers mandatory for domestic use on 1 April 2005.
AERCO boilers operate in condensing mode, eliminating the need for pumping and piping materials required to protect non-condensing equipment.
If condensation is not possible, purchasing a condensing boiler would not make economic sense.
Result: The condensing water smoothes into a thin layer that allows light to pass through without scattering.
Installing the vapor barrier on the outside of the wall in Alaska results in warm air condensing its water against the exterior sheathing, resulting in rotting of the exterior wall.
The dynamics of the condensate layer depends on the dryer bar spacing, height of the bars, condensing loads, syphon clearance, and dryer speed.