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Synonyms for condenser

an apparatus that converts vapor into liquid

a hollow coil that condenses by abstracting heat

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lens used to concentrate light on an object

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It represents an important new reference for Voith and will position our company well for new opportunities, not only in Canada, but also globally in the synchronous condensers market," says William Malus, President and CEO Voith Hydro Inc.
The entire process is expected to take over another year before the condenser is complete," Enec Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Al Hammadi said.
The accuracy of the model could be improved by 1) incorporating compressor part load power characteristics, 2) more detailed modeling of evaporators including evaporator fan control, 3) sequencing and control of multiple condensers.
Remove the screws from the frame that holds the condenser to the air conditioner.
Condenser selections include internal or external condensers, plate or coil type condensers with any orientation against the tray chamber.
RiNano is a thin coating that repels oil, dust and powder particles, preventing them from attaching to the condensers.
By installing equipment such as floating head pressure controls, oversized condensers, and high efficiency compressors, food processors and manufacturers can help keep products and employees cool while lowering their energy bills.
Small-sized, lightweight, high-performance condensers are to be installed in Civic and Civic Hybrid produced in Japan; Civic Sedan produced in the U.
Seawater is the commonly used cooling fluid to remove unwanted heat from heat transfer surfaces in steam condensers of the coastal power plants.
The Tri-Pak refrigeration system packages multiple air-cooled condensing units and condensers into a single cabinet that is easy to service and easy to install.
In addition to aluminum wheels and catalytic converters, Standard mines the batteries, radiators and condensers from vehicles.
The seven large-scale sculptures installed in the dimly lit gallery are composed of transformers and copper rods, ceramic condensers, electrical cables, controllers, and a few electric lights.
com/research/8fft2f/steam_condensers_f) has announced the addition of GlobalData's new report "Steam Condensers for Thermal Power Plants - Market Size, Average Pricing and Key Regulations to 2020" to their offering.
This is an exciting project for both organizations, and the key objectives of replacing the condenser tubing are to ensure the continued high operational availability of individual condenser units and reduce the maintenance costs associated with the condensers.