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Synonyms for condenser

an apparatus that converts vapor into liquid

a hollow coil that condenses by abstracting heat

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lens used to concentrate light on an object

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Chapter Two Manufacturing Technology of Automobile Condenser 2.
Air Cooled Condenser Production by Regions by Technology by Applications
Similarly, given the mass flow and inlet temperatures from both refrigerant and water side, the condenser model provides rejected heat rate, condenser pressure, enthalpy at condenser outlet and condenser water outlet temperature.
The entire process is expected to take more than a year before the condenser is complete.
In water-cooled centrifugal chillers, fouling accumulates gradually in the condenser tubes regardless of the water treatment processes employed.
In order to increase the refrigeration effect, it is converted into evaporative condenser by circulating water along with air being blown by fan.
The performance of steam condenser decreases in time and can be restored to its initial state by performing cleaning operations.
A floating head pressure controller saves energy several ways by keeping the head pressure as low as feasible thereby reducing compressor energy, and using only as little condenser fan energy as necessary to maintain the constant degree of approach between the condensing temperature and the ambient dry or wet bulb (as applicable) temperature.
An interesting alternative for the cooling of this type of process is to have a condenser connected to the reactor, which makes use of the solvent and/or reagents latent heat of vaporization as an effective mechanism to remove heat from the reactor.
FABRIANO, Italy-Ariston hopes to eliminate the time and expense needed to install dryer ducts in older homes and apartment buildings with the launch of its new condenser dryer unit.
If you ever find yourself in the company of classic car enthusiasts moaning about how the "old girl" isn't running right, tell them it's the condenser.
As the paper machine in Stephenville was originally designed to produce linerboard, the existing condenser was quite large.
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC (HRP) has announced the introduction of Tri-Pak, a multiple compressor condensing unit in a single cabinet that can accommodate up to three compressor modules and additional condenser surface for remote condenser circuits, to its line of refrigeration products.
The modules Screener Condenser and Screener Analyst will extend the GeneData Screener system beyond the already released module Screener AssayAnalyzer for high-throughput data quality control.