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an apparatus that converts vapor into liquid

a hollow coil that condenses by abstracting heat

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lens used to concentrate light on an object

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The problem variables are (1) chilled-water piping diameter, (2) chilled-water temperature difference [DELTA]T, (3) chilled-water supply temperature, (4) condenser water piping diameter, and (5) condenser water temperature difference [DELTA]T.
Won (2006) [7] theoretically optimized the tube array (tube per pass) in the separation condenser shown as in Figure 1.
Figures 2 and 3 (Page 63) depict the retrofit chiller plant for chilled water piping arrangement and condenser water piping arrangement, respectively.
Rooftop packaged unit on a with major hail damage to the condenser coil.
If an HVAC professional invests adequate time and care into the work, combing the fins of a condenser coil is often a simple and inexpensive way to rectify minor hail damage.
With this task in mind the article researches the calculations of the condenser technology effect on the air dispersion of flue gas in the impact area of energy objects.
The condenser sections were fabricated in South Korea and shipped to Barakah.
Evaporator and condenser shells can be partitioned to allow the water to pass one, two, or three times depending on the water velocity limitations and dynamic pressure drop.
The reduced condenser water flow rate fault, just as its name implies, is a component-level fault.
The PC2 completes BAC's Evaporative Cooling Line and makes BAC the one stop shop for your evaporative condenser needs.
Condenser selections include internal or external condensers, plate or coil type condensers with any orientation against the tray chamber.
In the original experimental test set up, air cooled condenser is used.
Rittars Top Therm Plus enclosure cooling units are now supplied with RiNano technology on the condenser coil.
I always protect my outside A/C condenser by wrapping it up tightly before winter.