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  • verb

Synonyms for condense

Synonyms for condense

to make short or shorter the duration or extent of

to make thick or thicker, especially through evaporation or condensation

Synonyms for condense

undergo condensation

cause a gas or vapor to change into a liquid

become more compact or concentrated

develop due to condensation

compress or concentrate

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As these materials condense, they produce the visible smoke from this process.
The vents close and the steam condenses, and when it condenses, it shrinks back to 1/1700 the volume it occupied as steam.
As a result, the winds off these pastures must rise farther up the Cordillera de Tilaran slopes before clouds condense.
This so-called all-optical approach should expand the range of atoms and molecules that scientists can condense, Chapman adds.
The experiment revealed that the "vapor pressure" at which the dust grains condense was too high in the theory.
describe a technique for stamping a pattern onto a thin film that allows small droplets of liquid to condense in ordered arrays.
The difficulty lies in understanding how solar prominences condense from the sun's corona.
The scientists say they believe these grains condense at the high temperatures near the star, while other materials form farther out in the stellar atmosphere, where temperatures are low.
Galaxies must first condense around the density fluctuations a la Zeldovich, and they must condense in a certain way.
When warm water vapor in the air comes into contact with cool surfaces like glass lenses and windows, the moist air often condenses into liquid droplets on the surface.
In recycling architectural fragments, Pernice condenses the grimy reality of mass transit into forms that quote its structures.