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Synonyms for condensation

Synonyms for condensation

a short summary or version prepared by cutting down a larger work

Synonyms for condensation

(psychoanalysis) an unconscious process whereby two ideas or images combine into a single symbol

the process of changing from a gaseous to a liquid or solid state

atmospheric moisture that has condensed because of cold

the process or result of becoming smaller or pressed together

a shortened version of a written work

the act of increasing the density of something

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Look for dampness as it might be condensation, rather than penetrating damp from the bricks.
I started installing quadruple glazing in the mid-1970s to reduce the heat loss through windows, increasing comfort when sitting close to the glass and ending condensation.
What we observed in the institutional/commercial market was that while piping in chilled water systems and dual temperature systems is generally well insulated, the components such as valves and fittings are not, and the result is a significant energy loss as well as water condensation and corrosion of the components and adjacent pipes," said Kathie Leonard, President and CEO of AMI.
The carbon-composite 787 'Dreamliner' has much higher levels of condensation than other planes, the extra humidity making the atmosphere more comfortable on long-haul flights, with 15% humidity compared to the 4-5% humidity that is standard on other aircraft.
Probably the most important thing a beer koozie does is not simply insulate the can, but keep condensation from forming on the outside of it," said Dale Durran, a UW professor of atmospheric sciences.
CONDENSATION is caused when water vapour comes into contact with cold surfaces and condenses to form dampness or water droplets.
If condensation can't properly drains the A/C will eventually shut down and that shuts down the ECS.
5% or more and possessing an active end to a modification reaction to introduce an alkoxysilane compound having two or more reactive groups including an alkoxysilyl group into the active end of the conjugated diene polymer, and a condensation step (B) that subjects the residue of the alkoxysilane compound introduced into the active end to a condensation reaction in the presence of a condensation catalyst that includes at least one element among the elements of the groups 4A, 2B, 3B, 4B and 5B in the periodic table.
Condensation in food processing plants is now widely recognised as a major risk factor contributing to both product and cross contamination and frequently causing production lines to be temporarily shut down.
s at 25 [degrees] C, that the platinum catalysts (C) are free of phosphoric acid trisamide ligands, that the reinforcing fillers (D) are present in amounts of at least 3% by weight, relative to the total mass of the compositions, that the non-reinforcing fillers (F) are present in lower amounts than the reinforcing fillers (D), that the use of reactive silanes as bonding agents and the use of additional condensation catalysts, which accelerate the condensation reaction of Si-bound hydroxy groups and/or alkoxy groups, are excluded).
The CTT Cair System, based on evaporative cooling technology, provides humidification of the extremely dry aircraft cabins without causing condensation and gives a humidity of around 20%, reducing dry air related problems such as fatigue, jet-lag, red eyes, dry skin and spread of virus diseases.
m]--Reynolds number maximum for condensate film at lower part of condensation surface 4[[GAMMA].
Higher efficient gas-fired appliances in Category I venting systems are more likely to result in condensation within exterior masonry chimneys.