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a product of condensation

atmospheric moisture that has condensed because of cold

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These include the Hamra gas/condensate field, south of Rhourde Nouss, which started up in mid-1995 and is now producing 800,000 t/y of condensate and 400,000 t/y of LPG.
Thus, when the Americans wrote their embargo on crude oil sales, it excluded condensates.
At the same time, new splitters in South Korea, Singapore and China are boosting Asia-Pacific demand for condensates this year.
2 million mt/year of LNG, besides butane, LPG and condensates products.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran has launched its first floating gas condensate export terminal in the Persian Gulf waters, a senior energy official announced.
Shafi Moazeni said that the gas condensates produced in the first phase are directed towards storage reservoirs after passing through two gas condensate stabilizing unit.
In line with Dubai's vision of providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and public services to meet the increasing demand, especially in the energy sector, Enoc is currently finalising contracts with leading producers in the region for purchase of condensates in the coming years," the government-owned company said.
067 billion worth of gas condensates of South Pars were exported out of the country through the Pars Ports Complex," said Ahmad Pourheydar, head of customs in Iran's Pars Special Zone, according to Iran's state news agency Irna.
LONDON: Soaring output of light condensate in the United States has crushed refining margins for naphtha and added to the global gasoline surplus.
The conditions of formation of the twinned substructure of the vacuum condensates of the FCC metals and the factors which may influence the thickness of the twinned interlayer is (density of the twinned boundaries) have been investigated in (6), (7).
Together with an expanded Messai'eed oil refinery running at 137,000 b/d, a 292,000 b/d condensate splitter is to be built at Ras Laffan in the north of the country which will be fed by Qatar's two sets of LNG ventures - QatarGas and RasGas.
Because the behavior of condensates theoretically can be tuned to simulate the quantum properties of other states of matter, physicists expect to use the condensates to investigate poorly understood phenomena such as high-temperature superconductivity.
Scientists at NIST have been studying the behavior of Bose-Einstein condensates subject to rotation of the trap, which is a key issue in the phenomenon of superfluidity.
A number of kraft pulp mills currently steam strip foul condensates and burn the stripper off-gases (SOGs) in thermal oxidizers, lime kilns, or boilers to destroy odorous total reduced sulfur (TRS) compounds and volatile organics.
Condensates are produced from liquid hydrocarbons which are separated when natural gas is treated, from liquid hydrocarbons recovered from non-associated gas, or from liquid hydrocarbons produced from gas condensate reservoirs.