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Synonyms for condensate

a product of condensation

atmospheric moisture that has condensed because of cold

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Feed water pumps are designed to increase the pressure of the condensate, which is routed from the condensate pump through low-pressure feed water heaters.
Rositano added condensate could immediately compete in Latin America, where it could be used to lighten local heavy sour domestic crude in countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia.
The surplus US condensate is a byproduct of the US shale boom.
2 million mt/year of LNG, besides butane, LPG and condensates products.
Iran's exports of condensates amounted to more than $1 billion in the last month, a customs official was quoted as saying, softening the blow of Western sanctions on its crude oil sales.
Explores the growth drivers for the Condensate and Feed Water Pump industry in major nuclear power producing countries
Condensate is a by-product of natural gas production.
The system's gas, sulphur and condensate are supplied to LUKoil Overseas Supply & Trading Ltd which sells the liquid to the refinery.
Addressing the new supply-demand dynamics and changing outlook for condensate splitters and naphtha imports, the forum will encompass key market trends including current condensate supply in Qatar, the US and other Middle Eastern regions, refining and splitter operations, condensate and feedstock pricing, global naphtha outlook, naphtha shipping routes and outlook for the petrochemicals industry.
But there has never been any US ban on Iranian condensate sales.
US shale boom and export policy leads to new Asia-Pacific condensate market dynamics
TAHRAN (CyHAN)- Iran's gas condensate exports reached 5,784 tons during first quarter of Iran's fiscal year, indicating a 2.
1 MCF/d of gas and 188 b/d of condensate from Triassic TAGI sands, and Baguel-2 tested 1.
VIENNA -- OMV has discovered gas and condensate in the Sofiya-2 exploration well in the Mehar exploration license.
Shafi Moazeni said that the gas condensates produced in the first phase are directed towards storage reservoirs after passing through two gas condensate stabilizing unit.