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  • verb

Synonyms for condense

Synonyms for condense

to make short or shorter the duration or extent of

to make thick or thicker, especially through evaporation or condensation

Synonyms for condense

undergo condensation

cause a gas or vapor to change into a liquid

become more compact or concentrated

develop due to condensation

compress or concentrate

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The most common technology for meeting these requirements is the use of a highly efficient fabric filter baghouse and the limits would include both filterable and condensable particulate matter.
The condensable particulate emissions were identified as being higher than anticipated.
77% and collected volatile condensable material (CVCM) of 0.
Non Condensable Impacts on EER* and SEER* for non-TXV and Hot Attic Conditions Description [EER*.
Liquid yield obtained in pyrolysis is usually determined as the weight of condensable volatile matter and that obtained in water conversion or hydrogenation as the weight of soluble matter in a certain solvent.
The Air Toxics Rule also creates markets for dry sorbent injection ("DSI") systems for capturing acid gases such as HCl and SO3 and condensable particulate matter.
This polymer is the most commonly used membrane material for separation of large condensable vapors from permanent gases [11-13].
The second step of the VDA 278 test consists of measuring the condensable emissions that are responsible for windshield fogging.
Compounds that are gases in the stack but condense to form submicron particles in the atmosphere and can be measured using standard stack test methods for condensable particulate matter (CPM).
Pyrolysis converts organics such as biomass into three phases: solid (char), liquid (tars, condensable vapors, etc.
Releasing engineered nano-sized disks, or sulphuric acid in a condensable vapour above the Earth, are two novel approaches.
Regardless of the type of gasifier, there will be always being a low temperature zone where pyrolysis takes place, generating condensable hydro carbons.
Simultaneously weakly condensable and permanent components in the same mixtures could have coupling effects due to strong sorbing vapours, which swell polymer matrix (Jiang and Kumar, 2005, 2006).
The product from condensate stripping is a condensable gas containing about 50 percent methanol, water vapour, TRS, and turpentine.
Model 241CE Hydrocarbon Dew Point Monitor is sensitive enough to detect trace amounts of condensable hydro-carbons, yet strong enough to withstand saturation levels and process fluctuations.