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Synonyms for condemned

sentenced to terrible, irrevocable punishment

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They wanted to burn the condemned, and his house was to serve as a funeral pile.
burn the poor devils who are only condemned to be hung?
The two condemned are again in the hands of the archers.
He describes the awful agony of the condemned man and insists on the cruelty of inflicting such torture.
I could not sustain the horror of my situation, and when I perceived that the popular voice and the countenances of the judges had already condemned my unhappy victim, I rushed out of the court in agony.
The ballots had been thrown; they were all black, and Justine was condemned.
Ever since I was condemned, my confessor has besieged me; he threatened and menaced, until I almost began to think that I was the monster that he said I was.
The condemned girl held together with her teeth her imperfectly fastened shift.
He was somewhat reassured by the fact that the condemned girl never removed her eyes from the bottom of the cart.
But a few heads of priests could be seen moving confusedly in the distant choir stalls, and, at the moment when the great door opened, there escaped from the church a loud, solemn, and monotonous chanting, which cast over the head of the condemned girl, in gusts, fragments of melancholy psalms,--
In this postscript, William of Orange, Stadtholder of Holland, condemned Cornelius van Baerle to imprisonment for life.
The day after my return to Lille, my brother in his turn succeeded in making his escape; I was accused of complicity, and was condemned to remain in his place till he should be again a prisoner.
Then," resumed he, "mad, desperate, determined to get rid of an existence from which she had stolen everything, honor and happiness, my poor brother returned to Lille, and learning the sentence which had condemned me in his place, surrendered himself, and hanged himself that same night from the iron bar of the loophole of his prison.
To do justice to them who had condemned me, they kept their word.
Before he was condemned they had often held discussions, in which they agreed that no man should either do evil, or return evil for evil, or betray the right.