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  • verb

Synonyms for condemn

Synonyms for condemn

to feel or express strong disapproval of

to pronounce judgment against

Synonyms for condemn

express strong disapproval of

declare or judge unfit for use or habitation

compel or force into a particular state or activity

demonstrate the guilt of (someone)

pronounce a sentence on (somebody) in a court of law

appropriate (property) for public use

References in classic literature ?
Although our friends were expecting that condemnation, it filled them with grief.
Parry had not quitted his master, and since his condemnation had not ceased to weep.
Before it had set in dark on the night of his condemnation, he had travelled thus far on his last way.
He left the apartment hastily as he uttered these words, and the Preceptor followed, to watch and confirm him in his resolution; for in Bois-Guilbert's fame he had himself a strong interest, expecting much advantage from his being one day at the head of the Order, not to mention the preferment of which Mont-Fitchet had given him hopes, on condition he would forward the condemnation of the unfortunate Rebecca.
What I said soon reached every Negro minister in the country, I think, and the letters of condemnation which I received from them were not few.
Even before his return to England, however, he excited a reaction, by his abundantly justified but untactful condemnation of American piracy of English books; and this reaction was confirmed by his subsequent caricature of American life in 'American Notes' and 'Martin Chuzzlewit.
Consequently the new union was not a legal marriage, and English public opinion was severe in its condemnation.
On the contrary it was a relief to her, to be spared the communication of what would give such affliction to them, and to be saved likewise from hearing that condemnation of Edward, which would probably flow from the excess of their partial affection for herself, and which was more than she felt equal to support.
They reported on the condemnations at home and from abroad.
Like Trump, like tweets, condemnations are perfect vehicles for an era enamored with being enraged, and both their sound and their fury signify nothing and mean even less.
She added that condemnations at the United Nations Security Council "will not change the situation on the ground.
Condemnations continue across Syria calling for holding Israel accountable for its war crimes and putting an end to its continued blockade on Gaza.
120) Homeowners will be especially motivated to scrutinize carefully the proposed outlays and they will be unwilling to fund condemnations for discriminatory purposes that they do not value.
1993), in which they pointed to the occurrence of cellulite as responsible for 30% of condemnations in the slaughter of meat chickens.
US Trade Representative Susan Schwab has hailed the WTO report and complained about the fact that the EU had ignored previous condemnations.