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  • verb

Synonyms for condemn

Synonyms for condemn

to feel or express strong disapproval of

to pronounce judgment against

Synonyms for condemn

express strong disapproval of

declare or judge unfit for use or habitation

compel or force into a particular state or activity

demonstrate the guilt of (someone)

pronounce a sentence on (somebody) in a court of law

appropriate (property) for public use

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Rozzo's account of prohibited Italian literature, would have profited from an attempt to relate formal condemnations to the practice of rewriting entailed by expurgatio.
In the absence of a wave of real-life, game-inspired carnage, Harvard Medical School psychiatry professor Cheryl Olson, writing in the journal Academic Psychiatry in the summer of 2004, advised that "it's time to move beyond blanket condemnations and frightening anecdotes and focus on developing targeted educational and policy interventions based on solid data.
O'Connor's point was sound, and her warning resonated with condemnations of the Kelo decision that poured from talk radio programs and filled editorial pages nationwide.
As a result of the Kelo decision, state courts and legislatures will become the new battleground for economic development condemnations.
While Kelo makes economically motivated condemnations constitutional, it does not require that every state allow such condemnations.
As the Kelo court acknowledged, states are within their rights to pass additional laws restricting condemnations.
We must emphasize that this article only provides a general overview; analyzing the tax consequences of condemnations can be complex, highly case sensitive, and involve considerations beyond the scope of this article.
I see specific condemnations of specific relationships in St.
Can the magisterium be right when it made the condemnations and right when it lifted them?
They further affirmed that mutual condemnations of the Council of Trent and the Lutheran confession no longer apply.
In the words of a recent accord between the Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), the two confessions hope to "put to an end 400 years of condemnations on the principal dispute of the Reformation"--the doctrine of justification.
Condemnations of Yankee aggression - in the Islamic world and elsewhere - can't deter Uncle Sam from finally implementing a coherent policy on terrorism.
Businesses of all sizes often are faced with deprivations of their assets through eminent domain condemnations, property damage or infringements and other reasons.
The dangers of eminent domain should be addressed by assuring that it remains a second-best alternative to market exchange as a means of acquiring resources, by encouraging careful planning and public participation in decisions to invoke the power of eminent domain, and by building on current legislative requirements that mandate compensation beyond the constitutional minimum for persons displaced from occupied residences or businesses because of government condemnations.