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the right of the state to take private property for public use

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review of a state's condemnation action can prevent the pretextual
Any facts giving rise to a regulatory takings claim can be the basis for an inverse condemnation action.
This is important in order to minimize the need for additional publication of the notice of the condemnation action and the chances of having to amend or re-open proceedings because of errors in the description of the interest sought.
However, many condemnation actions are not limited to questions of land value alone.
The Stephens filed an inverse condemnation action against the city in state court, and subsequently filed another action in federal court on the same grounds, also alleging violation of civil and constitutional rights.
In the years between 1949 and 1954, a condemnation action commenced; the owners were told by city officials not to improve their property; several blocks adjacent to their properties were condemned and leveled by the city; they lost their tenants; their buildings deteriorated and were vandalized and burglarized; they lost their insurance; and the city made them tear down the buildings at their own expense.
announced that it completed an initial closing provided for under a settlement agreement relating to a condemnation action commenced in 2002 by the Sayreville Economic and Redevelopment Agency (SERA) against NL and one of its subsidiaries (collectively, NL) in which SERA took ownership in 2005 of certain real property, formerly owned by NL, located on the Raritan River in Sayreville, New Jersey.
Councilors call for condemnation action on plot with well
The condemnation action regarding Waterview Estates is pending.
During a regular condemnation action, the local government exercises what is known as "eminent domain," which provides for recognized processes to obtain compensation.
The inverse condemnation action brought by the landowner alleged that the acquisition and demolition of the buildings surrounding the two hotels "destroyed the residential character of the area, destroyed the attractiveness of the hotels as residential property, and rendered the property unfit for its sole feasible use.
Broughton argued the inverse condemnation action against the states was proper in federal court because Congress abrogated the states' immunity under the Eleventh Amendment to the U.
Additionally, the district court held that an annual payment could not form just compensation in a condemnation action, finding that "Wyoming law anticipates a valuation at a specific date, not an unknown valuation dependent on the life of a gas field or pipelines" Accordingly, the district court ordered Greencore to pay Barlow $45,054, an amount representing a payment of $50 per 16.
The city also has begun condemnation action against nine property owners at the mall site.
The District Court of Appeal of Florida noted that, because a condemnation action was an action in rem (against the property) rather than in personam (against the Tribe), the status of the property needed to be evaluated to see if it was protected by the Tribe's sovereignty.