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the right of the state to take private property for public use

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Today, hi some jurisdictions, juries do have a small role in condemnation actions.
52) Klopping filed an inverse condemnation action, which was also denied, claiming that the market value depreciated due to the city's pursuit of condemnation.
review of a state's condemnation action can prevent the pretextual
Any facts giving rise to a regulatory takings claim can be the basis for an inverse condemnation action.
The trial court found that the City had complied with all conditions precedent to this condemnation action.
This is important in order to minimize the need for additional publication of the notice of the condemnation action and the chances of having to amend or re-open proceedings because of errors in the description of the interest sought.
However, many condemnation actions are not limited to questions of land value alone.
Defendant next contends that plaintiff's claim should be characterized not as negligence but as a continuing and permanent trespass and nuisance, and therefore as an inverse condemnation action within N.
Yet, in a condemnation action, he cannot recover the costs of relocating his business.
66) This places a heavy burden on plaintiffs who must demonstrate that just compensation is unavailable "through an inverse condemnation action under any circumstances.
His clients include, among others, Anheuser-Busch, in a condemnation action brought by the County of Riverside.
However, when the real estate itself generates income, such as through the extraction of minerals, that income may be considered in a condemnation action through the income capitalization approach.
A claim for condemnation blight under paragraph B would only be allowed under a traditional condemnation action brought by the state because the landowner is only seeking additional compensation under that provision.
Councilors call for condemnation action on plot with well
The condemnation action regarding Waterview Estates is pending.