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Synonyms for condemnable

worthy of severe disapproval

Synonyms for condemnable

bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure

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Such acts are immoral, irresponsive and condemnable and such attitude cannot be encouraged, he said.
He said the government could not work without civil bureaucracy as it was an integral part of the system and using such language against the bureaucracy was condemnable.
29 ( ANI ): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday described the Rohingyas who have fled from Myanmar to India as intruders and not refugees, and added that it is very sad and condemnable that some people are expressing sympathy and concern for their plight.
To embrace the word of the Quran and accept that what they are now doing constitutes the worst condemnable sin.
The act is condemnable and he said that such acts should not create circumstance which can lead the Hindus to migrate from the area.
The BJP's alleged act to drive a wedge between the two communities is condemnable.
This session of the House shows its concern over the use of condemnable language and material during comments on national political figures and discriminations on regional and party affiliation.
The contact with the Zionist company is highly condemnable as it flouts local laws and helps a Zionist penetration of the Bahraini market," Al Fadhala said.
PAUL Balles in his column on June 29 'Demented morality' appears to be suffering from a mild case of mendacity himself (a trait he apparently finds condemnable in others, particularly if they happen to be the US president).
And while Ahmandinejad's comments are, to be sure, condemnable, it's hard to see what effect the council's fulminations could have on a lunatic dictator who couldn't care less what a bunch of L.
Pope Pius XI said, "Spiritually, we are all Semites," and John Paul II has said, "Anti-Semitism has no justification and is absolutely condemnable.
It is condemnable enough that a massive police state was created to prevent American citizens from directly petitioning FTAA negotiators for redress of their grievances," Gerard said in the letter.
While Punjab's MPA Hina Butt condemned the incident by saying, 'First throwing of ink on Kh Asif and now hitting fmr PM with a shoe-both highly condemnable acts.
While talking to newsmen, the protestors including Athar Soomro, Aziz Shaikh, Ashraf Kalhoro, Safdar Tunio and others said that the police have registered fake cases against their party leaders including Ehsan Bijarani, Shah Mohammad Mahar, Sadaqat Gamb, Tariq Korai and others which is a condemnable act.
He said news of horse trading in recently held Senate elections were condemnable.