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Synonyms for condemnable

worthy of severe disapproval

Synonyms for condemnable

bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure

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He said that this incident of terrorism was highly condemnable.
To embrace the word of the Quran and accept that what they are now doing constitutes the worst condemnable sin.
His remark is really condemnable and cannot be forgiven as it has come from a lawmaker," she said.
Federal Minister has said that Sindh Government should activate her administration to improve the law and order situation in the province and the responsible people for that condemnable incident should be brought to justice according to law.
Unfortunately, in India we start making below the belt remarks against our rivals, which is condemnable.
This session of the House shows its concern over the use of condemnable language and material during comments on national political figures and discriminations on regional and party affiliation.
Certain addictions drive people to do things that are condemnable.
It is just an instance of "wellorchestrated and condemnable propaganda directed against the sovereign people of Nepal from a foreign land, " he said.
The contact with the Zionist company is highly condemnable as it flouts local laws and helps a Zionist penetration of the Bahraini market," Al Fadhala said.
And while Ahmandinejad's comments are, to be sure, condemnable, it's hard to see what effect the council's fulminations could have on a lunatic dictator who couldn't care less what a bunch of L.
Pope Pius XI said, "Spiritually, we are all Semites," and John Paul II has said, "Anti-Semitism has no justification and is absolutely condemnable.
It is condemnable enough that a massive police state was created to prevent American citizens from directly petitioning FTAA negotiators for redress of their grievances," Gerard said in the letter.
Those raising the slogans of Sehat Ka Insaaf cruelty towards Swat people which is highly condemnable.
Talking to Afghan envoy in Pakistan Safir Janan Mosazai on telephone, QWP leader said that it was a highly condemnable cowardly attack, adding that it was an attempt to sabotage peace process in the country and the region as well.
He said that Tahir ul Qadri on the behest of anti-state elements are instigating the people on chaos and anarchy and his announcements and threats of murdering of his workers retuning without revolution are highly condemnable.