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shake violently

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injure the brain

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Beck's lawsuit argues the coaching staff and school should be held liable for willful and wanton conduct, not getting the girl a medical evaluation or recognizing she was concussed and failing to protect her from "further harm and worsening injury" by forcing her to practice and engage in repeated tumbling runs when she showed "visible impairment of stumbling and falling.
RISK Welsh rugby ace George North played while concussed
The appropriate removal of players that are concussed is of paramount importance to the game and should be endorsed at all levels.
Decisions to clear concussed athletes to return to action are typically based on symptoms and cognitive and neurological test results.
Those participants stating that they had previously been concussed were also required to indicate the number of concussions they had suffered across their playing careers.
Gerard Armstrong was |left concussed after he fell and hit his head on a kerb.
Wales prop Samson Lee also missed the Scotland game the following week after failing concussion protocols and Ireland pair Sean O'Brien and Jared Payne were concussed against England last weekend.
Fortunately, he's fine, but was concussed during the accident, which therefore required an overnight stay in hospital as a precaution," added the Frenchman.
His parents have campaigned, not to stop people playing the game, but for better understanding about what happens if a player is concussed, or potentially concussed, on the pitch.
Lawes has been concussed on multiple occasions and the Northampton lock revealed the "splitting headache" he felt after the New Zealand game had cleared up by the following day.
Dr Adrian McGoldrick, chief medical officer to the Turf Club, said yesterday: "Ryan was quite badly concussed but he was stable when I spoke to the hospital this morning and he will be checked later today before they decide whether he can be released and allowed home.
ENGLAND'S inability to cope with an unfit Luis Suarez and a concussed Uruguayan left-back.
e man had sustained a head injury and was concussed.
The Leinster star, who got the crucial second half try, appeared concussed, but O'Connor believes he'll be OK for Sunday's Toulon clash.
Everton had Scotland forward Steven Naismith to thank for firing his side into the next round after a crunching tackle from Jordi Amat left him concussed, reports the Daily Star.