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being of the same opinion


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It would seem that the process of emotional devastation to emotional upliftment concurringly follows the process described by Kubler-Ross (1969:82) and Tegius (1992:163) of grief related to coming to terms with life threatening illness.
Of course, it is quite possible that Ferguson was taking the Mickey, in the knowledge he could quite safely blame a bad result on hobgoblins in his flowerbeds and the reporter from the club's in-house TV station would not merely nod concurringly, but make a mental note to use this as a starting point for a future interview ("Sir Alex, you have, quite rightly, identified mythical, garden dwelling creatures as a factor in the team's recent problems .
Concurringly, Crimp (1988:3) suggests that: "AIDS does not exist apart from the practices that conceptualize it, represent it and respond to it.
Concurringly, Fishbein (2000) notes that cultural notions and perceptions play a role in influencing behaviour.