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an opinion that agrees with the court's disposition of the case but is written to express a particular judge's reasoning

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At bottom, I believe that before enacting the BBL, Congress would be well-advised to ingest very well three vital documents: (1) the North Cotabato decision; (2) the concurring opinion of Justice Carpio, and (3) the memorandum of then Attorney Sereno.
The board member said the concurring opinion raised serious concerns about professionalism and the limits of judicial independence.
Schock said he is disappointed the qualified-immunity argument did not prevail, but he pointed to Kellys concurring opinion as an area for hope.
In an important concurring opinion written by Chief Justice Ralph D.
Moreover, the concurring opinion agreed with the lead opinion only as to the underlying claim, not as to its broad reasoning.
Justice Breyer filed a concurring opinion that did not adopt the rationale of the majority.
Perry was dissenting in part and concurring in part with a concurring opinion by Justice Barbara Pariente, in which Chief Justice Jorge Labarga joined.
0211 Lipnick - Ocelkova in scope: Building permit documentation (DSP) according to valid documentation for planning permit and issued a zoning decision including upgrades and complete all necessary work is exploratory and supporting and including the incorporation of the terms contained in the concurring opinion on the EIA and issued land-use decisions; documentation for selection of contractor (DZS); author~s supervision (AD).
Justice Anthony Kennedy last year issued a concurring opinion in another tax case that invited a fresh challenge to the court's 1992 ruling, which was issued two years before Amazon.
Even as the majority opinion focused on the historical definition of "one person, one vote," Justice Clarence Thomas used his concurring opinion to dismiss that concept entirely.
In a concurring opinion, Chairman Mary Lu Jordan and Commissioner Patrick Nakamura said while it's true that ALJs must independently assess a penalty de novo, "many of them find MSHA's penalty regulations (and the manner in which the Secretary applies them in proposing a penalty) useful guidance .
In a concurring opinion, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg echoed AU's view, writing that this case isn't the same as last year's ruling concerning employee access to birth control.
In a separate concurring opinion, Quiroz cited that the recommendation of Gonzales "was not on the basis of any conclusive finding that there exists a life-threatening condition, but for purposes of assuring that immediate medical condition may be given to the accused, a geriatric patient, if and when any life-threatening condition occurs.
Perhaps most boldly, Thomas invited reconsideration of the entire line of "substantive due process" cases in his concurring opinion in McDonald v.
A concurring opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia, however, argued that recess appointments should rarely, if ever, be permitted.