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Synonyms for multiprocessing

simultaneous processing by two or more processing units

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However, it would seem from this that the ability to store information accurately in the face of concurrent processing demands (a feature of the central executive of working memory) will mediate success with simple addition calculations.
This language of a functional programming style supports concurrent processing of dynamic, recursive data structures and combines functionality with the possibilities of the run-time optimization.
Subscribers' demand for premium video experience pose even higher requirements on the concurrent processing capabilities and capacity scales of networks.
MOS/2 is an operating system kernel that allows concurrent processing on the IBM PC.
Earlier this year Intelligent Light introduced FieldView Batch Packs, which enable the use of multiple instances of FieldView on an HPC server for concurrent processing at a fraction of the cost of standard FieldView licenses.
The bill will allow concurrent processing of a development application with a draft Territory Plan variation or a draft environmental impact study (draft EIS) or an application to use a prior study.
The superior architecture and performance of the XLS processor family enables the concurrent processing of multiple applications and functionality such as network attached storage, unified threat management (UTM) security, HD video streaming, VoIP, file sharing, network surveillance and archiving at a sustainable performance while consuming low CPU utilization.
Presolicitation: Purchase of analysis engines for integration and concurrent processing of whole-slides digital image analyses
The company's Rogue Wave([R]) Hydra Suite is a SCA runtime that lets users build Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based applications to leverage concurrent processing within and across servers, while preserving critical application logic written in C++ and Java.
RedPrairie's SOA architecture with concurrent processing capabilities allows its applications to take advantage of several major enhancements offered by SQL Server 2005.
Software Pipelines is an architecture that delivers high-performance application components using concurrent processing while maintaining transaction order and other key business requirements.
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