concurrent operation

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two or more operations performed at the same time (or within a give interval)

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As more mobile devices require concurrent operation of 3G/4G cellular and Wi-Fi, there is an increased demand to improve the performance and cost structure of co-existence filters with paradoxical criteria such as low in-band insertion loss, high out-band rejection, minimal component size and lowest price," commented Dr.
The MT6630 delivers full concurrent operation of all 5 systems operating at maximum compute intensity with no degradation compared to single-system operation while offloading the mobile device CPU for design ease and extended battery life.
Concurrent operation of multiple links - across any spectrum from 6 GHz to 92 GHz
The Charter WiFi router utilizes high-powered radios to provide better range and it also features dual band concurrent operation to enable customers to take advantage of the less congested 5.
DesignArt reference designs support the concurrent operation of the Universal Mobile Backhaul software pack - creating powerful integrated single-SoC small cell relays that are compliant with, but not limited to, 3GPP LTE Advanced service access and relay functionality.
Chelsio iSCSI and FCoE Target solutions are available for concurrent operation with the bundle.
5-GHz module delivers superior out-of-band rejection enabling concurrent operation of WiFi and Bluetooth data-communication with cellular communication standards.
Now a single end-equipment can support these three standards, offering a seamless user experience with fast switching between each standard making it seem like concurrent operation.
With support for concurrent operation of dual-band 802.
Higgins will also modify the hospital central chilled water/steam plant while allowing for the concurrent operation of existing services that are critical to hospital facilities and functions.
Multi-band operation will be supported with concurrent operation in the 700 MHz, 850 MHz, AWS and 1900 MHz spectrum bands in the USA.
In fact, as the number of clients is increased, the opportunities for concurrent operation (and better performance) increase as well.
Smart multicore architecture, allowing concurrent operation of applications within a mobile power envelope
This includes instruction level parallelism, exploited via deep pipelining in the FPGA; data level parallelism, exploited via replicated data path structures operating concurrently in the FPGA; and task level parallelism, exploited by, for example, concurrent operation of the CPU and the FPGA.
0, VDSL2 and xPON access technologies and provides best-in-class performance for wireless connectivity, such as concurrent operation of 802.
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