concurrent operation

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two or more operations performed at the same time (or within a give interval)

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The ICTT also needs to include any device limitations that may prevent concurrent operation.
In going to progressive disclosure, the virtual team established an innovative procedure to enable that concurrent operation.
It offers key features, such as MPEG-4 video playback; concurrent operation of timeshifting (pause, rewind and fast-forward of live television) while archiving programs from hard disk to DVD; and faster-than-real-time copy, transcode, and transrate operations between HDD and DVD discs.
In single-channel mode, the module employs a port bypass switch for failover protection and is capable of supporting concurrent operation of all three protocols.
The concurrent operation of different radios inside a tightly spaced handset poses unprecedented challenges to RF designs that need to meet uncompromised performances at an ever-decreasing Bill of Materials (BOM) cost.
Wireless coexistence: Managing concurrent operation of multiple wireless technologies using the same spectrum frequencies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy.
Concurrent operation of multiple links - across any spectrum from 6 GHz to 92 GHz
DesignArt reference designs support the concurrent operation of the Universal Mobile Backhaul software pack - creating powerful integrated single-SoC small cell relays that are compliant with, but not limited to, 3GPP LTE Advanced service access and relay functionality.
5-GHz module delivers superior out-of-band rejection enabling concurrent operation of WiFi and Bluetooth data-communication with cellular communication standards.
With support for concurrent operation of dual-band 802.
Concurrent operation of networking applications such as VoIP, HD videoconferencing, email, internet, messaging, and very large file transfers.
Higgins will also modify the hospital central chilled water/steam plant while allowing for the concurrent operation of existing services that are critical to hospital facilities and functions.
Multi-band operation will be supported with concurrent operation in the 700 MHz, 850 MHz, AWS and 1900 MHz spectrum bands in the USA.
In fact, as the number of clients is increased, the opportunities for concurrent operation (and better performance) increase as well.
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