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Synonyms for concupiscent

Synonyms for concupiscent

vigorously passionate


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Call the roller of big cigars, The muscular one, and bid him whip In kitchen cups concupiscent curds.
6) Or perhaps she imagined the luscious, brown-skinned fruit as a fitting image for a concupiscent black protagonist's narrative.
the irascible, concupiscent, and emotive individual, even when those
I've never understood why we expect our politicians to be less concupiscent than the rest of us.
Zeffirelli's fast-moving film left out most of Hamlet's lines but made sure no one would miss the sexual tension between the prince and concupiscent queen.
However, `druerie' in line 3, while perhaps understandable in the context of the standard portrayal in anticlerical satire of the clergy as concupiscent and sexually incontinent, is a more serious misreading of `derverie', which, in a style typical of the text, simply echoes the `folie' of line 2 with which it rhymes.
52) In article 81, Descartes repudiates the distinction between benevolent and concupiscent love, a distinction that makes sense only if the relation of the subject to the object is the defining characteristic of the passion.
The Ukrainian characters, who emerge unflatteringly as stupid, concupiscent, and drunken, but with whom we are evidently supposed to sympathize, self-consciously explain their own brutality by their previous sufferings, and this is a view we the readers must take seriously in order for the book to have any meaning or point at all.
This pattern of the concupiscent personality has a long history, appearing, for example, in Plato's character of Callicles in the dialogue Gorgias, who argues to Socrates that "natural right consists in the better and wiser man," by which the speaker designates himself, "ruling over his inferiors and having the lion's share.
loved one, the poet-speaker's concupiscent Ego or Will (17) in fact
the rational, irascible and concupiscent faculties).
He also claimed that "high-seasoned food; rich dishes; the free use of flesh; and even the excess of aliment; all, more or less--and some to a very great degree--increase the concupiscent excitability and sensibility of the genital organs.
She talked of her platinum-spoon childhood in Romania, her visits to a shantung Paris between the wars, her concupiscent paterfamilias, her willful mother (who eventually married the artist John Graham), her despised sister, and of Leo.
By contrast, their immoderately extended honeymoon is characterized by concupiscent self-indulgence on Erec's part: he treats his wife more like a paramour or mistress ("De li fist s'amie et sa drue" 1.
The author was presciently describing himself as time went by, less concupiscent but continually angrier.