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cohabitation without being legally married

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Archivio Storico del Patriarcato di Venezia (hereafter, ASP), Matrimoni Segreti (hereafter MS); Jana Byars, "Concubines and Concubinage in Early Modern Venice," (Ph.
The third reserves marriage for heterosexual couples, but permits same-sex couples to benefit from concubinage or a legally recognized form of cohabitation available to all couples.
This approach is refreshing; it allows the reader to look beyond the obvious restrictions that surround issues such as the exchange of dowries, wedding rituals, the wifely duties of daughter-in-law and household management, divorce, widowhood, remarriage, and concubinage.
Though concubinage, "irregular" marriages, adultery, prohibited couplings, and nose-thumbing resistances to the norms are common the world over, the essential point is not the presence of deviance.
Certainly, the resigned bishop, a former Divine Word priest, had left himself wide open, even m a region Where priestly concubinage is more tolerated than condemned.
Further, for Vacaiius, this debate is not a sterile, academic one; instead it is based on the realities present in the twelfth century: separation, divorce, concubinage, and the clandestine marriages of young girls.
The first two sections which follow set the scene respecting the law which applied to marriage, concubinage and out-of-wedlock births under the Dutch VOC and, later, British rule.
In this volume scholars of the law and social history study bigamy, concubinage, sexual seduction, and adultery and trace the evolution of juridical concepts, judicial practice, and social behavior during the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries.
Topics include gender before the arrival of the Spaniards under the Aztecs and Incas; the influence of colonialism; sexuality; women's subordination and mistreatment; ideologies of marriage, divorce, concubinage, and adultery; bigamy, prostitution, women laborers; and the fight against oppression.
The curse of Islam, through its polygamy, concubinage, and freedom of divorce, already rests upon them .
not to any white man" (117), she refuses not only the offer of marriage he has cast in the language of prostitution (and the historical concubinage under slavery it recalls), but also the mode of representation of which he is an agent.
In her account of Portuguese officialdom's failure to curb their male colonists' concubinage with West African women and adoption of the polygamous African sexual pattern, for instance, Elbel interprets this as the "sexual deprivation", "tension between biology and law", "sexual needs" (p.
For studies of the practice of concubinage and the situations of concubines in the early Christian and late antique world, see Joelle Beaucamp, Le statut de la femme a Byzance (4e-7e siecle), I: Le droit imperial (Paris: De Boccard, 1990), 195-201; Susan Treggiari, "Concubinae," Papers of the British School at Rome 49 (1981): 59-81.
and contributors examine images of women in the Hebrew bible, rabbinical views of marriage, traditional alternatives to marriage such as concubinage and polygamy; talmudic, medieval, and modern views of prenuptial agreements, and more contemporary issues such as Jewish law and lesbian relationships, reproductive technology, and the changing rabbinical views of family.
Loosely chronological, each chapter is organized around a legal case that illuminates aspects of the city's ambivalent relationship with a variety of forms of commercial sexual exchange, most obviously prostitution, but concert halls (with their scantily clad beer jerkers) and concubinage as well.