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Synonyms for concretize

make something concrete

become specific


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Tenders are invited for contract for concretizing im & slop tank peripheral bunds thru application of 8 mm thick geo-synthetic cementitious composite material (gccm)
They wish to evict all Christians and we shall never let them succeed in their endeavour so, get ready in anticipation of what's expected and what we want from you will be an undaunted populist will you're capable of concretizing into tangible posturing, Aoun concluded.
The way different generations approached the sense of danger and horror generated by the very idea is an underlying theme; there is a lot to learn from it, as the author implies by treating each movie as a separate entity in itself, dwelling and concretizing specific generational anxieties and dreams.
Gilani recalled President Guls last visit to Pakistan in March this year to discuss avenues of future collaboration and said it set the tone for concretizing the bilateral cooperation in different areas.
He said the business people could play a role in concretizing the agreements signed between the two countries.
The point is to further enhance its usefulness in terms of concretizing the goals that SAARC had set for itself.
The meeting of the Bureau would focus on concretizing the Action Plan for Regional Cooperation on promoting Sustainable Urban Development among Asia-Pacific countries as adopted during the Tehran Conference of APMCHUD in May 2008.
It was in concretizing this Reign of God that Jesus, identified as the Prophet, the Son of Man, the Messiah, fulfilled all the prophetic dreams of ancient Israel (Lk 10:23).
The sixth and seventh rounds of free trade talks between the US and Singapore, held in January and March respectively, resulted in important strides toward concretizing an accord by the outset of 2003.