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Synonyms for concretize

make something concrete

become specific


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The meeting of the Bureau would focus on concretizing the Action Plan for Regional Cooperation on promoting Sustainable Urban Development among Asia-Pacific countries as adopted during the Tehran Conference of APMCHUD in May 2008.
It was in concretizing this Reign of God that Jesus, identified as the Prophet, the Son of Man, the Messiah, fulfilled all the prophetic dreams of ancient Israel (Lk 10:23).
The sixth and seventh rounds of free trade talks between the US and Singapore, held in January and March respectively, resulted in important strides toward concretizing an accord by the outset of 2003.
But as Brownlee reveals, the "exemplary" narratives, rather than clarifying and concretizing the assertions made by the narrators at Lisis's behest, offer instead a Baroque excess of interpretive possibilities.
The monument itself, in Wodiczko's hands, became something similar: It would be used, it would reject all pretensions to universality, concretizing a community of individuals united around nothing else--but nothing less--than the singular limits of their loss.
But as our discussions of the play as text turned to a consideration of how we would realize the play in performance, and students struggled to find ways of concretizing Bonner's abstractions, they had to make explicit the reasons that they interpreted moments of the play as they did, and this sometimes involved sharing anecdotes and analogies from experiences closer to home.