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Synonyms for concretize

make something concrete

become specific


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Our attempts to concretize the Purple Flower again highlighted the ambiguity of Bonner's message, with suggestions wavering between racially specific and "universal" interpretations.
The Party leader highlighted the positive significance of exchanges between the two armies, calling on the two sides to implement the signed agreements and uphold the effectiveness of cooperative mechanisms, friendly exchanges and cooperation among border and maritime forces, national defense dialogues; and early concretize fields of cooperation which were mentioned at the statement on joint vision on defense cooperation until 2025.
For his part, Rafsanjani, expressed Iran's keenness to preserve Iraq's unity and cohesion of its people, and Iran's commitment to concretize the common interests between the two countries.
Stating that the opening of such a passage would be an ideal confidence building measure (CBM) between Islamabad and New Delhi, the Sikh bodies said there was a need for both governments to concretize the proposal sooner than later.
I will seek to concretize this goal in order to complete the process of comprehensive reforms with the participation of all parties keen on reforms and on making them a reality.
On the first day of the two-day long SAARC Ministerial meeting, the eight-nation South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) will concretize ideas and decisions to find ways and means for the implementation on developing multi-modal connectivity in South Asia to boost trade and commerce.
Space is contemporaneously a tangible and an abstract measure in Sugar, while in My Brain the positive-negative of mind and thought concretize, in a solid space, the metaphor of thinking and the object of thought.
I try to concretize the values of the black American and place them on stage in loud action to demonstrate the existence of the above "field of manners" and point to some avenues of sustenance.
The Krumbach State Building Office intends to concretize the planning of the bypass around Ichenhausen-Ktz.
This move by Roxas to go up against jueteng operators clearly shows his strong political will and resolve to concretize the present administration's promise of bringing "Ang Matuwid na Daan" to all areas of the country.
The leaders also welcomed the recent formation of ISO-ESA Joint Working Group on earth observation to concretize the cooperation areas.
The government is making all endeavour to concretize the royal aspirations, he stressed pointing out that more achievements are in the pipeline despite all challenges to translate His Majesty King Hamad's ambitions into a tangible reality and bring about further prosperity to Bahrain.
to concretize the agreement of Western Illinois University to partner with the OAS and The Bahamas to offer scholarship opportunities for Bahamians.
For his part, the Turkish ambassador presented his government's position anti-terrorism and support for Iraq and readiness to develop cooperation, in a way that ensure its friendly position to the Iraqi people as well as its keenness to concretize Iraq's victory on terrorism.