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Synonyms for concretize

make something concrete

become specific


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Besides lack of groundwater recharge leading to alarming fall in water levels, green activists have blamed indiscriminate concretization for the death of trees, disappearance of sparrows, haze and increase in surface temperature among others.
In the concretization of speech acts, the communicative potential is transferred to the objects themselves.
In terms of justice, this means that the continual relativization of local and finite perspectives manifests the eschatological pull of God's justice, "who lures and leads us toward a more adequately universal concretization of it" (142).
Tenders are invited for Concretization Of Streets And Laying Of Rcc Pipes Into Underground System At Village Sarangpur Ut Chandigarh During 2014-2015 Under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna Concretization Of Streets
Akash Vashishtha, who recently filed a PIL against the concretization of Yamuna Flood Plain, claimed that the suspicion of local administration's involvement with the entire operation often prevents people from complaining or raising the issue with the media.
Tenders are invited for Concretization of road from santosh darshan building to ambika nagar in jijai nagar ward no.
Tenders are invited for Concretization of road from shrikrishna hospital to shitala mata mandir in ambika nagar ward no.
Tenders are invited for Concretization of road from gavdevi society to santosh darshan building in jijai nagar ward no.