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a representation of an abstract idea in concrete terms

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The editors themselves bring different theoretical and artistic perspectives to bear on the subject: those of the European avant-garde (Eric Vos), of American poetic/visual experiments (Johanna Drucker), and of the Brazilian concretist movement (K.
He includes analysis of the era's concretist icons and provides persuasive evidence to stir the decades-old debate that surrounds this radical movement and to underscore the impact of its esthetic in succeeding generations.
What makes a critical difference, in all of this, from the self-referential strategies of both modernist and Concretist traditions is the deliberate confusion of categories (of medium but also of many other things) that it celebrates.
Space does not permit examination of each fascinating wrinkle in every example of concretist comedy.
In contrast to the Brazilian Concretist tradition, which sought synthesis and rationality through geometrically constructed abstractions, Catunda and her colleagues produced works that reconnected with daily life--with its humble narratives, its organic forms, and its ironies.
The tidy miniatures characteristic of the early concretists have since been incorporated into parallel streams of experimentalism (as in the work of Susan Howe), reimagined within the new conceptualist paradigm (as in the work of Derek Beaulieu), and abandoned in favor of extended artists' books (as in the work of Johanna Drucker).
Waldemar Cordeiro was among the Brazilian Concretists who exhibited in the First Sao Paulo Bienal, in 1951, presenting abstractions that made plain Concre-tismo's relationship to Constructivism.
While the Concretists bemoaned the incompatibility of art and theory, Volpi gestured toward simplicity and the intimate in his paintings.