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a representation of an abstract idea in concrete terms

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It should also reopen unanswered questions about this curious episode in the history of literary modernism: why concretism happened when and where it did, and what its formal aims and accomplishments were.
Flint explores the promises and limits of mereological versions of concretism (dealing with the relations between wholes and parts) and, like the other authors represented in this volume, proposes a modest thesis: Flint's aims are "explicating the problems associated with mereological models, suggesting senses in which those models should (and shouldn't) be embraced, examining what alternatives to mereological models might be available to the concretist, and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of those alternatives.
Examples of the use of nature, French Modernism and the geometric discipline of French Concretism are also on view.
The three artists under discussion have adhered to the fundamental aesthetic values of Constructivism, Abstractionism, and Concretism and Neo-Concretism.
Jung emphasizes the secondary nature of the Idea as compared with the Image: 'Ich gebrauche demnach Idee als einen Ausdruck fur den Sinn eines urtiimlichen Bildes, welcher von dem Konkretismus des Bildes abgezogen, abstrahiert wurde' ['Accordingly I use the term Idea to express the meaning of a primordial image, which has been abstracted from the concretism of the Image'] (GW6 [section]811/CW6 [section]732).
34) Nadin's statement follows the same path: "Form of poetic objectivation" (Ss 258); "the poetics of concretism - for it is poetics we are all dealing with" (Ss 251), and so forth.
Brazilian poet, essayist, literary critic, and journalist, who participated in many literary movements, including Parnassianism, Modernismo, and concretism (the theory and practice of concrete poetry).
The major sources of information on Quebecois literature are Caroline Bayard, The New Poetics in Canada and Quebec: from Concretism to Postmodernism (1989); Eugene Benson and Leonard Conolly, eds.
Concretism and adoption of such decision had not taken place, nor were they legally possible for ENDESA, given its condition of state-owned company, when it was called upon to give information on those transactions to the CNMV.
The impressive contributions by Vincent Katz, Marjorie Perloff, and Alistair Rider relate Andre's practice to the traditions of the sonnet, shaped poetry, modernism, Concretism, and the postwar Oulipo group, in many instances distancing his project from these precedents.
The Review's Anthology of Concretism (CR 19:4, 1967) was the first anthology of visual poetry to be published in this country.
Avant-garde poetry lived on in such resurgences as the Argentine Generation of 1940 and the Brazilian concretism of the 1950s.
An independent foldout included with the current catalogue, which has no counterpart in the historical document, meanwhile, resurrects the earlier movement of Concretism as a central point of reference.
Her work references concretism in its formalism; it also reflects systemic writing in its choice of subject and is squarely in "the new simplicity.
They emerge as artists devoted to what I would call a concretism of the absurd, exemplified in the sheer mania that structures works such as The Objects for Glenstone as well as the ceramic and rubber sculptures, Views of Airports, and Visible World, all of which pursue the implausible prospect of rendering a material (read: nonvirtual), parallel model of the world piece by piece, yet without an explicit game plan.