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Synonyms for concretion

the formation of stonelike objects within a body organ (e

an increase in the density of something

the union of diverse things into one body or form or group

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In adult statoliths of Bolinopsis and Pleurobrachia, the hard concretion filling the vacuole is displaced during sectioning, leaving a large hole, but not if tissue is treated with EGTA or EDTA during fixation (Tamm, 1982).
However, the magnetic concretions contain the lowest quantities of PDM, suggesting that the PDM observed in this study is not thermally formed, poorly ordered alumina.
As concretion comes away, the revealed wood and metal must be chemically treated to avoid further corrosion.
Square, dead winter, with a wind, the concretion of the snow piled
This time-consuming conservation takes many steps and, therefore, it can be several months before an artifact is removed safely from a concretion.
Images were obtained by positioning the x-ray tube and panel on opposite sides of the concretion.
In opposition to the abstract being of immediacy and to the arbitrary becoming of the aesthete is true ideal becoming, through which the essential concretion of the self is revealed.
The charity even has an intensive course on how to deal with dust, which enables staff and volunteers to compare strategies and share any problems they may have if they should be unfortunate enough to discover concretion (that age-old problem of when humidity turns dust into grey liquid matter).
The recovered specimen is a partially preserved skull covered by a concretion of conglomeratic fine pebbles, strongly cemented.
If you go there independently, the tours (EUR7) are in Italian, so you may miss the finer points of Palaeolithic concretion of aragonite.
How in each case can the right combination of firm rootage and openness, of concretion and universalism, be found?
We have learned much from the artifacts recovered to date, but there is stilt more material that remains in concretion.
The true source of action is not abstract thought, nor even thought applied to some separate motor or motive force, but rather a concretion, a grown-togetherness, of appetite and mind, so intertwined that one cannot say for sure whether the human principle of action is a species of desire become thoughtful, or an activity of intellection suffused with appetite.
And the same opposition, though applied on occasion with a radically Un-Foucauldian literalness and concretion, characterizes both the role-play that constitutes, and the battles that surround, female and queer (sado)-masochism.
Here abstraction can take the upper hand: not badly reflected perhaps, but too much an attempt to avoid concretion for the sake of more encompassing validity.