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Synonyms for concrete

Synonyms for concrete

having verifiable existence

composed of or relating to things that occupy space and can be perceived by the senses

to make or become physically hard

Antonyms for concrete

a strong hard building material composed of sand and gravel and cement and water

cover with cement

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form into a solid mass

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capable of being perceived by the senses

formed by the coalescence of particles

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One of the most important advances in construction concrete involves the use of "superplasticizers" such as sulfated organic chemicals, which make the cement more fluid with less water.
While research on construction concrete continues to creep along, scientists in the last few years have gotten unusually fired up over innovative work on specialty cements -- materials too expensive to use in voluminous quantities for everyday building, but whose special properties make them ideal for a host of other applications.
An added benefit of using silica fume or other silica particles is that they react with and eliminate calcium bydroxide crystals, implicated in the deterioration of concrete exposed to seawater.
It isn't a simple matter to clean the complex and ornate stone, glass, aluminum or concrete facades of some modern skyscrapers, Rigg says.
Marketing and management Concrete company management Concrete marketing
Fresh properties of NCA and RCA concretes Fresh property NCA concrete RCA concrete Workability Slump (mm) 90-275 70-255 Slump flow (mm) 600-735 380-725 Slump loss for normal 50 75 concrete (after 45 min) (%) Slump loss for self- 2.
Globally, a vast amount of concrete waste is derived from the demolition of old concrete structures.
The first condominium building and the site of the poor concrete is being erected by HRH Construction.
One concrete consultant, who asked to remain anonymous, as did other engineers interviewed for this report, said that the concrete contractor, Laquila, is know for its high strength concrete and is often called on for quality work and for repairs.
Rogers' team analyzed radon's diffusion through 25 samples of residential concrete, 16 of them cored from Florida homes.
Where the soil's radium content is relatively high and the ground fairly impermeable to air flow (such as in clays), there will be relatively little air-driven seepage of radon through concrete cracks, says coauthor Kirk K.
Developing economies in Asia-Pacific, especially China, India and Indonesia, are expected to support the expansion of the concrete and cement markets, due to the rapid development of infrastructure and an increase in residential construction.
1 Executive Summary 2 Concrete and Cement Market Analysis 2.
Ltd, Key Employees Table 237: Holcim Ltd, Key Facts Table 238: Holcim Ltd, Main Products Table 239: Holcim Ltd, History Table 240: Holcim Ltd, Key Employees Table 241: HeidelbergCement AG, Key Facts Table 242: HeidelbergCement AG, Main Products Table 243: HeidelbergCement AG, History Table 244: HeidelbergCement AG, Key Employees Table 245: Timetric Concrete and Cement Country Coverage Table 246: Timetric Construction Market Definitions
To order this report: Global Concrete and Cement Market - Key Trends and Opportunities to 2017 http://www.