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the quality of being concrete (not abstract)

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In addition, we looked at a comparison corpus, aimed at understanding whether Transtromer's use of concreteness would really turn out to be unusual or remarkable, or if it could rather be expected in this type of poetry, the comparison corpus consisted of two other poems, each from a poet showing important common traits with Transtromer, for the sake of not exaggerating his (alleged) uniqueness.
The process of the concreteness effect is supported by both dual coding theory and the context-availability model.
Scientists from Dartmouth College in the US tested the basic question would processing the same information on a digital versus non-digital platform affect construal levels the fundamental level of concreteness versus abstractness that people use in perceiving and interpreting behaviours, events and other informational stimuli, this was reported by a private news channel quoting the study.
Everything was carefully thought through: The materials, and also the titles, many of which poetically relate to tennis, plus the court's geometry and the game's rules--all relate to the artist's search for a visual language that articulates abstraction and poetry through material concreteness.
Normas de imagetica e concreteza para substantivos comuns [Imagery and Concreteness norms for common nouns].
As the title suggests, Cavanaghs poems often engage with themes of border crossing, but rather than academic and obtuse poems on the perennially trendy topic of liminality, he offers poems that are accessible in their concreteness and specificity.
The expression of interest and concreteness of intent of investing in energy sector was rolled out in a meeting held between USAID Administrator of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Larry Sampler and Federal Minister for Finance, Muhammad Ishaq Dar.
Though he acknowledges that the verse is disputed in Islam, he argues that if Christians in Europe fail to reclaim the physicality of their faith, faced with the concreteness of Islam, Christianity will not have a chance.
And if so, how did the French stalker of abstract certainties meet the Dutch master of concreteness and nuance?
Concerning affective priming, to our knowledge, there are no studies that have taken into account the level of concreteness of their experimental stimuli.
While all the chapters in this section are informative, I found the concreteness of these studies particularly valuable and interesting.
The body of material is 'small, but important for its concreteness and unique local flavor.
This approach to professional development is an attempt to orchestrate several of the "best practices" in professional development--linkage to core curriculum, concreteness, establishment of collegial networks, and ongoing related activities--into a feasible model for use in elementary schools.
There's a logic and concreteness that has to exist with [Christopher Nolan]," Snyder said about the film's writer in his interview with the Post.