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the quality of being concrete (not abstract)

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Fritz (1993) "Impact of concreteness on comprehensibility, interest, and memory for text: implications for dual coding theory and text design".
As a matter of fact, their vocabularies, philosophical foundations, and historical considerations are far from communication discourse expressed through Asian, and other nonWestern, cultural particularities and everyday concreteness.
This apparent fidelity will increase commanders' susceptibility to the fallacy of misplaced concreteness.
28) With basic objects defined, it is possible to compare the concreteness of two unrelated elements by comparing their perceived distance from, that is, their inclusiveness relative to, their respective basic objects.
There are poems in this collection which are haunting in their concreteness and physicality, and there are others that are suggestive and abstract--revealing and hiding meaning at will, challenging the reader to catch the thread of feeling and thought running through them.
Second, in myth we experience imaginatively, in the concreteness of the story, something which would be abstract if translated out.
Miller links these ways of countering commodity abstraction to the concreteness of Catholic sacramentality, which, as he explains, forges a connection between "the mundane material of a sacramental sign and the theological realities it signifies" (190).
In fact, idealism, lack of concreteness, and inexperience have been the major criticisms hurled repeatedly by his political opponents--especially the Clinton camp.
According to a book published recently ( Made to Stick; Why Some Ideas Take Hold and Others Come Unstuck), ideas that stick have the following characteristics; simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility and emotional appeal.
The historical concreteness of the res Catholica is subordinated to the absolute goal, the "Vision of an egalitarian utopia.
These are summarized by the acronym SUCCES: simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotional and stories.
The bulkier and more rudical aura around them, without ever dissolving their mechanical concreteness.
It is within this second, more specific, descriptive interpretation that hierarchies have been studied in this paper, by analysing a group of priority hierarchies which have been proposed as relevant to Subject selection in English: the Definiteness Hierarchy (definite > other specific > non-specific), the Person Hierarchy (first person / second person > third person), the Number Hierarchy (singular number > plural number), the Animacy Hierarchy (human > other animate > inanimate force (3) > other inanimate), the Concreteness Hierarchy (concrete entities > abstract entities), and the Entity Hierarchy (first-order entities > higher-order entities) (Dik 1997a: 279).
Guenther manages to avoid vague theoretical jargon, however, while Paulicelli's prose is littered with it, often at the expense of concreteness and clarity.