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in concrete terms


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The papers consider how ideologies of power are manifested concretely in public structures and displays and how they articulate definitions of social value.
However, the reasons for the need for transformation were not laid out concretely.
Concretely, two successive lost battles are not a recommendation for justification, but for withdrawal, Zekoli says.
PDSH is in favor of changes, concretely in the part of reaching consensus decisions, on bicameral parliament or another form only to put an end to the overvoting of Albanians," Zijadin Sela said.
He added that the government has reinforced concretely the gains of democracy and freedom in the country and Tunisians are united to defend these gains as they had shown on the occasion of Labor Day which would be a guarantee for investment and economic growth.
It is government's consistently expressed position that it is necessary to have an environment free of terror or threat of terror if relations between India and Pakistan are to move forward concretely and meaningfully," Ahmad said.
Concretely, the paper will take, in case, two national competitions, studying their influences on the development of creativity and innovativeness, and discussing some main problems.
Concretely, the Commission proposes to cut the quota for turbot by 15%, to 74 tonnes, divided equally between Bulgaria and Romania.
We will announce the figures when we finalize our decisions and in a comprehensive manner," he said, adding that expenditure increases would happen through a series of legislative actions or, more concretely, through the 2012 national budget.
He expects the leaders to take advantage of this meeting, and the period leading up to it, to work jointly and concretely toward reaching that objective," the statement added.
He also expects the leaders to take advantage of this meeting as well as the lead up to it, in order "to work jointly and concretely towards reaching that objective.
Until and unless the results come you cannot concretely tell whether it is a suicide or not.
The Iranian nuclear talks in Geneva concluded with another meeting next month scheduled and nothing else concretely accomplished.
While usually there is no comment on media publications, I can assure you that the information about an alleged decision to cut 30 embassies and, more concretely, the one in Dublin, is purely speculative," the Spokesperson of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry Vesela Cherneva has told The Irish Times.
I am still counting on the Leaders of Nations to concretely guarantee, everywhere and without distinction, the public and common profession of the religious belief of each individual," said the Pope, without referring to a specific country.