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a representation of an abstract idea in concrete terms

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In other words, he would first link the abstract concept to a pictorial representation, and then successively to virtual and concrete representations only if links between earlier representations failed.
Drawings can also be used to best effect when students are checking solutions or need to have a concrete representation of their working.
The VMW system provided virtual 31) geometric solids as a form of concrete representation and users could pose and solve geometry problems by manipulating them.
Speaking on behalf of Italian Ambassador Gabriele Checchia, Fabio Melloni told those at the ceremony, "What we are launching today is not only an irrigation project but also a concrete representation of our continued commitment to agricultural development," adding that the embassy had "built or rehabilitated over 16 kilometers of irrigation channels" throughout the country over the last two years.
offers an original theory of the nature of artworks, centered around the Representational Content general thesis that all artworks occur solely as the representational content of some concrete representation.
The fourth sentence was coded as students using a concrete representation of a polygon along with them using [L.
However, a design and educational drawback with using such a concrete representation is that it is not recursive.
In their early school years, students typically use some type of concrete representation, such as candy bars or milk cartons, or a pictorial representation.
As Honda's newest North American auto plant, HMA is the most concrete representation of Honda's current manufacturing philosophy.
Equipping ourselves with this knowledge, we set out on the task of creating a visual, concrete representation from the very abstract subject matter of emotions and feelings.
not been considered as illustrations of a belief completely formed outside of them but as part of the process of believing, of the complex modalities of the statement of belief in which doubt is blended with the affirmation and the concrete representation with the phantasm (221).
To view the work in his current retrospective is to see the shift from a linear temporality to a rhythmic one, from a concrete representation of the object to its description, from an external space to one that reflects the subject's construction of it.
The founding in 2003 of GMAI-Auctentia has meant the culmination of an entire professional journey, given concrete representation over the years through the creation of and participation in numerous companies which have positioned themselves as authentic leaders in their respective spheres of influence and activity.
The concrete representation became a fluid model for exploring arrangements and manipulating the tables, allowing the class to visualize the way the tables had been rearranged continually throughout the story.
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