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a representation of an abstract idea in concrete terms

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Drawings can also be used to best effect when students are checking solutions or need to have a concrete representation of their working.
Although its use did increase from 10% to 18%, prior to coding the lesson plans, the authors anticipated a higher occurrence of the concrete representation in all three of the submitted lesson plans, primarily due to the fact that manipulatives were used in every class meeting of both the methods course and the prerequisite mathematics content course.
However, a design and educational drawback with using such a concrete representation is that it is not recursive.
As Honda's newest North American auto plant, HMA is the most concrete representation of Honda's current manufacturing philosophy.
Equipping ourselves with this knowledge, we set out on the task of creating a visual, concrete representation from the very abstract subject matter of emotions and feelings.
To view the work in his current retrospective is to see the shift from a linear temporality to a rhythmic one, from a concrete representation of the object to its description, from an external space to one that reflects the subject's construction of it.
The founding in 2003 of GMAI-Auctentia has meant the culmination of an entire professional journey, given concrete representation over the years through the creation of and participation in numerous companies which have positioned themselves as authentic leaders in their respective spheres of influence and activity.
The word is always an abstract concept removed from what it represents, whereas the image is always a concrete representation having some correspondence to what it represents.
Our expansion is another concrete representation of our productive efforts, and the new environment will rejuvenate current employees as well as welcome new ones," said Mr.
YouthBuild Boston Executive Director Ken Smith remarked, "This building is a concrete representation of our commitment to strengthening families and this community.
We want kids not only to have concrete representations, but also visual representations.
Start with familiar, concrete representations (macroscopic level) that connect with students' prior knowledge (e.
Under organizing instruction, the site details: space learning over time with review and quizzing; alternate worked examples with problem-solving practice; connecting abstract and concrete representations of concepts; and using higher-order questions to help students build explanations.
25) It is certainly the case that one of the major tasks with which democratic institutions today are presented involves uncovering the extent to which technologies of power regularly make its pathways unaccountable and abstract, negating the body, repressing and suppressing its concrete representations.
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