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an area in a city with large modern buildings that is perceived as dangerous and unpleasant

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They should neither destroy what is left nor create ugly concrete jungles and call it development.
But gradually the sea has been reclaimed and changed into a concrete jungle in the name of development and progress.
But meanwhile, you can be sure that your regular encounters with the great outdoors while running give you just what you need to counteract urban sprawl, commuter angst, and the noise and alienation of our concrete jungles.
Here is a pitcher from the concrete jungles of Yonkers, N.
I think to take people out of their concrete jungles and introduce and educate them about the wide open spaces and the wonder of life in its natural setting enriches people.
They like to see the sky, and most of these people are from the concrete jungles of the Mid-West cities.
Why do we yearn for days gone by For games we played Kick the can, Hide and Seek, Done you one two three A game of rounders In our concrete jungles Footie matches played in plimsoles Not a sign of a designer trainee.
Huge sprawling concrete jungles on the outskirts of our capital may be the only answer we have to this crisis at the moment.
Stalking the concrete jungles of America, photographer Jim Goldberg found the ultimate dog-eat-dog world.
God knows, there are many among us sick and tired of how big businesses have transformed our finest streets into concrete jungles.