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a toroidal shape

a small ring-shaped friedcake

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Around the pipe chase we constructed a concrete collar extension reaching above grade, and capped it with a concrete cover.
But that's not all - we also have plans for junction six that will break the concrete collar of the ring road, while still ensuring traffic flows well.
The application states: "The Paradise Circus redevelopment will thankfully open up pedestrian routes within and across this part of the city - all of which have long been burdened by the concrete collar created by the implementation of the 1960s ring road with its dual carriageway, retaining walls and other such barriers.
The scope of work for the completed repairs and rehabilitation consisted of: removal and replacement of steel stringers; installation of new steel grid deck; installation of new stringer bearings; repair of steel floor beams; reconstruction of abutment backwalls; repointing of all stone masonry; cleaning and painting of steel trusses; construction of concrete collar at north abutment; and installation of rip rap scour protection at both abutments.
THERE is only one green space within the confines of what was Birmingham's old concrete collar inner ring road.
People still think we've got subways when in fact we've broken the concrete collar around the centre.
He said: "The area is ripe for improvement and development and it is seen as the perfect opportunity to extend the city centre and possibly break the concrete collar of the ring road.
The work shall include site restoration to pre-construction condition and the installation of the polymer concrete boxes, including but not limited to, the concrete slab, pipe neoprene and concrete collar.
And some of his plans, such as introducing the controversial inner ring road - a concrete collar which is now viewed as one of the biggest planning mistakes of the 20th century - can be seen in some dramatic aerial photographs published in a new book by English Heritage.