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Synonyms for anchor

Synonyms for anchor

to make secure

Synonyms for anchor

a central cohesive source of support and stability

a television reporter who coordinates a broadcast to which several correspondents contribute

fix firmly and stably


Related Words

secure a vessel with an anchor

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Some sheds have concrete anchors attached to the floor - these are ideal to latch and lock your bikes to, or other items such as lawnmowers.
It is held in place by concrete anchors on either side of the river, which have moved following heavy rainfall in recent months.
Because of the risk of the pipe cracking, NW is now fixing and strengthening the two concrete anchors, and replacing the section of sewage pipe which crosses the river.
Concrete anchors are hardened steel screws that are designed to cut threads in pre-drilled holes.
Central Electrofusion Flex Restraints were used on 63" HDPE pipe manufactured by KWH Pipe and supplied b y C R Wall company to control placement of concrete anchors in a chilled water supply line submerged in the Great Lakes.
At the time of initial installation, gates are hardened by adding a steel robe housing numerous steel cables that engages with precast concrete anchors upon impact.
Choose a shaded area to help keep equipment from getting too hot in the sun, and be careful to sink concrete anchors below the ground.
Cleaning masonry exterior walls, 45 m 2 reinforced concrete floor slabs, 50 m 2 reinforced concrete walls, 170 m reinforced concrete anchors, 400 m cracking on ceilings and walls, 420 m 2 external wall, 110 m 2 interior wall, / o.
com)-- Starborn[R] Industries, a leading manufacturer and international distributor of premium fastener products, has introduced a new small retail pack program for two well-known ITW Buildex[R] products: Tapcon[R] concrete anchors and E-Z Ancor[R] self-drilling drywall anchors.
If you have block or concrete walls in your garage, attach the base, uprights and top flame with lag shield anchors and lag screws or expanding concrete anchors.
Their entry into the concrete weighting business in Africa came following the award of a major contract to custom fabricate specialty concrete anchors on the Isle of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa.
In addition to a basic set of carpentry tools, you'll need a hammer drill to bore holes for the concrete anchors, and ladders or rented scaffolding to finish the roofing and other exterior details.
For this, eight concrete anchors -- each measuring 3- by 6-feet -- were designed to be placed along the line to provide needed restraint.
Total quantity or scope: Watermarks are purchased in the following lots: 1 - plast pails - 11 pieces, 2 parts procurement - 4 pieces; 3 parts of public procurement - ice lamps - 11 pieces; 3 parts of public procurement - production lamps - 4 pieces; - 1 piece; in the public procurement section 3 - poopatarees - 11 pieces; in the procurement section 4 - anchorages - 500 meters; in the public procurement section 4 - rotors - 11 pieces; part of the public procurement 4 - anchorages - 30 pieces; public procurement part 4 - union designs - 30 pieces; Part 5 - Steel anchors - 26 pieces; Public procurement part 5 - Concrete anchors - 2 pieces.
Specific product offerings include cordless and electric power tools, concrete anchors, levels, saw blades, carbide bits, diamond blades, safety equipment, generators, ladders, marking supplies, abrasives, screws and much more.