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Synonyms for concrete

Synonyms for concrete

having verifiable existence

composed of or relating to things that occupy space and can be perceived by the senses

to make or become physically hard

Antonyms for concrete

a strong hard building material composed of sand and gravel and cement and water

cover with cement

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form into a solid mass

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capable of being perceived by the senses

formed by the coalescence of particles

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24 Reinforced Concrete Pipe 24 Reinforced Concrete Pipe Arched
The Congress will be structured in four sessions: sustainability of concrete solutions; contribution of concrete to society; advances in concrete production and use; and marketing and management.
They usually occupy about 70% of the total volume of concrete (ACPA 2009).
The World of Concrete Education Program, January 20-24, features 100-plus 90-minute or three-hour sessions within targeted tracks such as Leadership & Management, Decorative Concrete, Safety & Risk Management, Finance & Money Matters and, new to 2014, Engineering.
Northeast region ready-mix concrete, series ID pcu327320327320a
We recognize the value in aggressively supporting sustainable construction and green building initiatives," added Jeff Davis, Vice President of Central Concrete Supply Co.
Concrete is the combination of cement with aggregates and possibly other additives.
Under the proposal, concrete from sites that are under DEP oversight because of contamination of any kind would be subject to testing before being sent to a recycling center.
You can't really have a major fire today in a good reinforced concrete building.
Concrete is made with Portland cement, a powdery mixture of crushed limestone and clay or shale.
Most use EPS foam to create the form walls and plastic to separate the foam, creating space for the concrete.
Identifying the assumptions that underwrite conventional histories will illuminate concrete comedy's distinctiveness.
As concrete prices were rising, Sun Valley-based Kalban Inc.
The past few years have seen a growing national trend to reduce C&D debris by reusing or recycling wood, concrete and other materials.
In a manner reminiscent of Gaudi, the team has followed the pursuit of authenticity and structural efficiency, whereby concrete as a plastic material has been moulded to reach its optimum form and thinness.