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Synonyms for concourse

Synonyms for concourse

the act or fact of coming together

Synonyms for concourse

a large gathering of people

a wide hallway in a building where people can walk

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a coming together of people

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With Concourses A and C completed, modernization initiatives are now underway in Concourse B and in the ticket lobby, starting with the expansion of the Concourse A checkpoint.
Dubai International currently consists of three terminals (Terminals 1, 2 and 3) that are used for passenger drop-off, check-in, immigration and security clearance - and three concourses (Concourses 1, 2 and 3) that house boarding gates, airline lounges and the majority of duty free retail and food and beverage outlets.
Once complete, the airport will have three terminals and three concourses - together catering to 70 million passengers per year, and will help support the growth in Dubai's air traffic.
Wi-Fi became available in Concourses A/B and A on 18 December 2006 and in Concourse B and the Observation Gallery on 5 January 2007.
This new concourse is the seventh at Terminal 4, which has a total capacity of eight concourses.
The Central Concourse is part of a $500 million expansion and renovation plan underway at HOU that includes an 806,000ft2 36-gate terminal complex to replace the existing A, B and C concourses.
Elevated 7m above ground level on an embankment, the building has two separate parts housing departures and arrivals connected by a subway underneath the tracks (as opposed to the single concourses of Valence and Aix-en-Provence).
For the most part, air visitors to Las Vegas will find it a traveler-friendly place, primarily because when the time came to build remote satellite concourses, airport officials had the foresight to link them to the main terminal with rail shuttles.
7 million square feet, including the Terminal Buildings, Concourses T, A, B, C, D and the new International Concourse.
The improvements include the redesign of the 33rd and 34th street entrances, the Seventh and Eighth Avenue plazas, the main lobby, the street level and railroad concourses, all the public corridors, all of its 44 elevators, and its mechanical equipment.
Wi-Fi service became available in Concourses A/B and A on December 18, 2006 and in Concourse B and the Observation Gallery on January 5, 2007.
The lounges that expand the complete span of the concourses are the biggest in the globe.
After the renovation the look of Concourse C will mirror Atlanta's Concourses A and B.
When complete, the look of Concourse C will mirror Atlanta's Concourses A and B, using Delta-style carpet, signage and lighting.
The concourses are connected to the still rather seedy platforms serving the tracks up on the embankment by pedestrian subways and lifts (one of these tunnels existed and has been upgraded, the other was created by literally shoving precast box sections through the embankment with rams - all the existing tracks had to continue in operation throughout the construction period).