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a signed written agreement between two or more parties (nations) to perform some action

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This ranges from our calls for the UK Government to extend their EU funding guarantee and passing on in full the convergence uplift to Scotland, to acting on the recommendations of the Red Meat Levy Forum report and the Fisheries Concordat.
Now each area that has signed up to the concordat will develop and publish an action plan detailing how they will seek to end the use of police cells for people in crisis and make sure they always get the best possible care in the right setting and at any time of day or night.
The 19th century would see a resurgence in papal diplomacy with the concordat signed between the Pius VII and Napoleon in 1801.
Health Minister Norman Lamb will ask boxing legend Frank Bruno, the champion of our fight, to help launch the Crisis Care Concordat.
On September, 19 professional engineering institutions, including the IED, signed up to the Engineering Diversity Concordat committing to address the gender, ethnicity and disability gap affecting the profession.
More than half of the professional engineering institutions have now signed up to the Engineering Diversity Concordat that commits them to address the gender, ethnicity and disability gap affecting the profession.
This year marks the 80th anniversary of one of the landmark moments in the recent history of the Catholic Church--the signing on July 20, 1933, of a concordat between the Vatican and Hitler's Nazi regime.
Satish Seemar is responsible for Concordat and Malthouse, while Ali Rashi Al Raihe must fancy his chances with Derbs, who on his last start in Abu Dhabi in December last year won the Group 1 National Day Cup.
In 1800 Napoleon Bonaparte initiated the first discussions with the representatives of the Pope in order to establish a Concordat (16).
Keywords: Religious freedom, Concordat, Church-State relations, sovereignty of the Catholic Church.
The most important section of Wolf's book is his examination of the connections between the German bishops, the Catholic Center Party, and the negotiations leading to the concordat (the agreement signed by representatives of Germany and the Holy See not long after Hitler's rise to power).
A concordat signed between church officials and Benito Mussolini in 1929 guaranteed church control of education.
The Concordat signed in 1927 was and still is a fundamental document regulating the diplomatic relations and the religious matters between the Holy See and Romania.
My position on this subject is a matter of public record, as is that of the National Gamekeepers' Organisation, which is a signatory to a concordat with the RSPB to stamp out the illegal killing of birds of prey.
The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has ensured the road transport industry will be consulted on future cycling schemes in the capital by signing a cycling concordat with Transport for London (TfL).