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being of the same opinion


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We then fit logistic regression models for each of the six diabetes quality metrics (three testing and three control) to assess the relationship between the achievement of each quality metric and the patient's concordant condition class.
For example, the question percentage for hypertension was judged to be concordant because it was similar to hospital stay percentage (1.
Whenever we reach common denominators about an item we resume the other concordant points until reaching a detailed road map," he said.
Nonetheless, the authors conclude that determining unmet need solely on the basis of women's reports overestimates concordant unmet need among couples.
To further investigate the additional controls in predicting a householder's view of the income distribution, we drop each of the controls separately to determine the marginal contribution to the percentage of concordant.
8220;Poetic's new logo, identity and website communicates our ability to maintain a strong, progressive position concordant with the fast-paced, mobile technology market,” announced Jacquelyn Lucchesi, Vice President at Poetic Cases Inc.
Both t tests and [chi square] tests were used to compare clinicopathologic features between the concordant and discordant groups.
Unlike other core banking systems, Path Solutions' iMAL is built from scratch around OIFI guidelines and standards, and is determined to be concordant with the Islamic finance directives.
Results for both binge drinking and marijuana use reveal that individuals in friendship pairs who are concordant in their substance use perceive significantly higher perceptions of friendship quality than individuals in dyads who are dissimilar in substance use.
She stressed Gulf -- European concordant stances regarding the GCC security, stability and sovereignty, Mideast peace, regional and international cooperation and dialogue between cultures, civilizations and religions.
1] When the MTT is concordant (agreement in all the three components), the sensitivity and specificity approaches 100%.
He voiced wish to reach a way out of the current situation as soon as possible and a consensus around the composition of the new government, "thanks to the concordant positions between several parties," adding that "Tunisia does not withstand any blockage in this sense.
Names must be concordant with Icelandic grammar and pronunciation.