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Synonyms for concomitant

Synonyms for concomitant

occurring or existing with

one that accompanies another

Synonyms for concomitant

an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another

following or accompanying as a consequence

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However, given the risk-benefit and recommendations by WHO the requirement of generated data may be waived based on the fact that the product has been recommended for concomitant use by WHO.
We've made sure under the instruction po of Secretary (Arthur) Tugade that there will no concomitant increase in fares of the lines,' the DOTr official added.
Ideally, large randomized trials comparing NSAIDs with and without a concomitant medication would inform our assessment of risk.
Said another way, it is not necessary to perform concomitant anterior prolapse surgery for asymptomatic stage 2 anterior prolapse when performing a mid-urethral sling for stress incontinence," she said at the meeting, jointly sponsored by the American College of Surgeons.
Then the effect of age on the rate of multiple concomitant metastatic sites was tested in the entire population, and according to the 5 most common metastatic sites and to brain metastases.
Patients who tested positive for leptospirosis by MSAT (Macroscopic Slide Agglutination Test) were investigated for concomitant infection with dengue utilizing IgM ELISA.
Similar observations have been reported in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, where early use of infliximab monotherapy has given way to a standard of care that includes concomitant immunosuppressives.
Researchers collected baseline information on participants' age, stage of prolapse, and concomitant procedures.
There appears to be a correlation between concomitant hypo-hyperdontia and some syndromes, but this anomaly is very rare in the general population.
The 15 most-prevalent prescription drugs exhibited substantial concomitant use with dietary supplements, ranging from 77.
Concomitant NSAID use was reported in 67% of cases, and use of aspirin was reported in 31%.
Interpretations of "proper use" have been debated, but it is likely that it was intended as concern about the concomitant effects Plan B's over-the-counter availability would have.
The liberalisation of trade rules has seen a concomitant relaxation in the minutiae of professional regulations designed to protect home markets--or in the case of the US, individual state markets.
Researchers from the Center for Occupational and Environmental Neurology in Baltimore now report that the impact of chronic lead exposure is augmented by concomitant ergonomic stress [EHP 113:1730-1734].
The water would contract as it cooled, with a concomitant drop in sea level.