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occurrence or existence together or in connection with one another

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In concomitance with line 64, the same sentence is made publically available by Per in the chat pod of the environment.
Various investigators have suggested that the concomitance may be due to genetic, environmental and geographical factors.
We found 1,309 parasites (lung pentastomids, n = 22; gastric nematodes, n = 181; intestinal nematodes, n = 81; intestinal trematodes, n = 1,025) in concomitance with 100% parasite prevalence among TX alligators.
Son homologue francais Jean-Yves Le Drian a evoque la concomitance des operations prevues en Irak et en Syrie, sans pour autant s'engager sur un calendrier precis.
Cette decision les place dans une situation inusitee oU ils sont depositaires d'un savoir de metier fort significatif (Deschenaux et Roussel, 2011) tout en vivant une transition professionnelle comme recrue dans l'enseignement en concomitance avec leur formation universitaire initiale en enseignement (Gagne, 2015).
And therefore had this sacrament been celebrated during those three days when He was dead, the soul of Christ would not have been there, neither by the power of the sacrament, nor from real concomitance.
Saad and al-Nazhan proposed using apex locator in concomitance with digital radiovisiography to help minimize the amount of radiation.
Disease concomitance in psoriasis: a clinical study of 61 cases.
Radiation absorption (negative when radiation is absorbed) shows a peak in concomitance with the soot region and moderate values outside the sooty region with increasingly smaller absorption towards the pure ambient composition.
Furthermore, averaged across the population, an increase in the product of concomitance and education of 5 units would yield a.
Selon le communique, le demantelement de ce reseau terroriste intervient en concomitance avec les menaces que ne cessent de proferer des combattants marocains dans les rangs du soi-disant "Etat islamique", a travers des campagnes mediatiques dans lesquelles ils font part de leur determination a retourner au Royaume pour destabiliser sa securite et attenter a sa stabilite.
The entire definition, it might be noted, is about a fourth the length of the one for pratyaya (Sanskrit for "condition," "referring generally to the subsidiary factors whose concomitance results in the production of an effect from a cause.
In concomitance with the recovery of the economic situation and the growth in the number of wealthy tourists, cigars is expected to perform well over the forecast period.
10) In other studies, more patients were described for concomitance of these two disorders.